Who is Tanner Cook? Where Is He Now?


A well-known American YouTuber by the name of Tanner Cook is well-known for posting prank videos on his channel, Classified Goons.

Since May 18, 2022, Classified Goons has grown to include more than 45.3k subscribers. Cook, who runs the channel, frequently travels to different places and creates numerous prank movies that have amassed a respectable number of views.

These films had approximately 2 million views as of the time of this publishing. Cook is also in the news because he was just shot on Sunday while pulling a joke.

Who Is YouTuber Tanner Cook’s Father, Jeramy Cook?

Tanner Cook, a budding YouTube star known for posting a variety of amusing prank films on the Classified Goons YouTube channel, is the son of Jeramy Cook.

Cook is healing from a recent injury he sustained while pulling a joke. An individual by the name of Alan Colie shot him in the abdomen. Colie became frustrated with Cook’s practical joke and shot him once in the abdomen.

Who is Tanner Cook

After that, he was brought to the hospital. Later, when Cook’s father, Jeramy, discussed the incident, he revealed that his son was creating a YouTube prank film.

Jeramy continued by saying that his son had played a Google Translate practical joke on Colie, which made her angry and led to Tanner being shot.

Then, Jeramy added that the man who had shot his son should be pardoned. Tanner is recuperating and will eventually make a full recovery, according to Cook’s father.

Tanner will then take a sabbatical from YouTube after that. So, we might infer that Tanner may spend time with his family.

YouTuber Tanner Cook Family Details

Tanner Cook’s parents gave birth to him in the country. While his mother’s name is still unknown due to the YouTuber’s lack of disclosures about his personal life, his father is Jeramy.

Tanner might have siblings as well, but the tabloids don’t publish any information about them. The Cook family is also concerned because Tanner was just shot. They remain hopeful that their son will soon make a full recovery in the meanwhile.

The entire episode, according to Cook’s father Jermay, was upsetting and unnecessary. After making a full recovery, Tanner will, as previously announced, spend time with his family and take a sabbatical from YouTube.

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Where Is Tanner Cook Now?

When Tanner Cook attempted to make a prank video at a mall in Dulles, Virginia, last weekend, he was shot in the abdomen. Tanner was shot in the abdomen by the alleged gunman Colie after becoming irate.

Cook then spent the remainder of the day in the intensive care unit on Sunday (ICU). He was treated for a bullet wound from the incident that punctured vital organs.

Tanner stated he has no animosity against the shooter in a separate interview with WUSA from his hospital bed. He promised to release further videos after he had fully recovered.

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