Who is Baylan Skoll? Meet Ray Stevenson’s Character!


Fans were able to get a sneak peek at what to expect from the next Disney+ series, which will debut during the summer of 2023, thanks to the publication of the Ahsoka trailer.

Of course, one of the most exciting aspects of the video was the introduction of Ahsoka’s Force-sensitive foes. The leader of them is a man by the name of Baylan Skoll. Who is he then?

Baylan Skoll, who is portrayed by Ray Stevenson, is perhaps a former Jedi or a warrior with Sith-like traits who lives on the dark side of the Force and is aligned with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

He is most likely the leader of Shin Hati, the other Jedi-like figure. He most likely acts as the group’s leader.

We already know that there will be conflicts between the characters’ differing values throughout the Ahsoka series.

Because Ahsoka is not even a Jedi, there is a significant likelihood that Baylan and Ahsoka will disagree about what the ideal Jedi should be.

And because of this, Baylan ought to be among the most intriguing people we encounter in the Star Wars universe after the Empire.

Baylan Skoll’s Background Explained

As their journey will take them on a rescue mission involving Ezra Bridger and a quest to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn, we already knew that the Ahsoka series was going to be a reunion of the various main characters we met in the Star Wars: Rebels series. However, we were surprised to see that there were other Force users in the Ahsoka trailer.

At least two people were shown using orange lightsabers against the New Republic in the trailer. In addition, we discovered that Baylan Skoll, the older orange lightsaber-wielding character who fought Ahsoka Tano in the teaser, exists. In the Ahsoka series, who is Baylan Skoll?

Although we are unsure of Baylan Skoll’s identity at this moment, we do know that he has been around for a while and is skilled with the Force.

Ray Stevenson

He was shown in the teaser dispatching many New Republic troopers without even breaking a sweat. And he’ll probably present Ahsoka with a difficult opponent.

However, we also believe that Baylan most likely received his Jedi training from the Order before the destruction of the Jedi, which occurred about 30 years before the events in the Ahsoka series.

This is because he is at least five decades old and doesn’t even dress like a Sith but rather a Jedi. That being the case, there’s a decent likelihood he was with the Jedi when Order 66 instantly killed almost all of them.

Therefore, if Baylan Skoll was a Jedi, it is possible that he avoided Darth Vader and the Inquisitors during the time of the Empire and survived Order 66.

But there’s a big catch: the trailer depicts him as more of a Jedi who also behaves in a Sith-like manner. That may imply that he is not only not the typical Jedi but also unlikely to be a Sith.

In the sense that he wears a robe, Baylan’s attire is comparable to that of a Jedi. Additionally, Shin, his trainee, appears to have a Padawan braid.

And that might imply that Baylan founded his own Jedi Order independently of the one that Luke is attempting to construct.

He and his pupil could, however, potentially be Sith-like fighters who may have Jedi appearances but aren’t hesitant to embrace the dark side.

After all, the rigorous Jedi ideals led to the dissolution of the order. Baylan may have opted to found an order that isn’t scared to embrace the dark side of the Force as a result of having observed the “flaws” of the Jedi Order.

What Role Will Baylan Skoll Play in Ahsoka?

Although we are unable to predict Baylan Skoll’s exact position in Ahsoka at this time, we do know that he will eventually come into conflict with Ahsoka Tano and the New Republic. He might even be employed by Grand Admiral Thrawn, who Ahsoka referred to in the trailer as the Empire’s heir.

Baylan and Ahsoka were conversing with one another in a setting that mimics the world between worlds that we witnessed in the events of Star Wars: Rebels. As a result, we may anticipate a conflict between their ideologies.

Ray Stevenson Baylan Skoll

Ahsoka isn’t even a Jedi, and we know that she left the Jedi Order before Order 66’s events. She uses the light side of the Force and is usually on the side of the good guys, but she isn’t necessarily a Jedi in the traditional sense of the word because she abandoned them during the Clone Wars against their will. And because of it, she likely holds beliefs that are different from those of the Jedi.

We do, however, think that Baylan may have founded his own Jedi Order and that his ideals may differ not just from Ahsoka’s own, but also from the dogmatic principles of the Jedi Order that the Empire shattered. As a result, he and Ahsoka may have differing ideologies at some point in the series.

It’s also conceivable that Baylan Skoll is associated with Thrawn’s Imperial Remains. Keep in mind that the Jedi Order and the Republic collaborated for many years before their defeat by the Empire. The Republic, which lacked a standing army before the Clone Wars, was also protected by the Jedi.

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The Grand Admiral is now looking to construct a new system, thus Baylan must have decided to team up with Thrawn in his order to act as its protector.

Additionally, it’s plausible that Thrawn shares some of the same values with his band of Jedi- or Sith-like Force users.

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