Who is Andrea Greene? Is She a Real Person?


Swarm on Prime Video has gone viral because of its unsettling plot, which was unmistakably highly influenced by what happened with Beyoncé and the Beyhive.

Instead of naming the celebrity by name, the series instead centres on Dre (Dominique Fishback), a die-hard follower of a made-up musician by the name of Ni’Jah. Dre falls out of control after a particularly painful incident involving his best friend Marissa (Chlo Bailey), and what transpires is a nightmare of murder, blood, and deceit.

Swarm doesn’t try to hide the fact that it draws inspiration from actual occurrences. In reality, it reminds viewers at the beginning of each show. A full episode is presented as a true crime documentary about the killings in episode 6, which intensifies the show’s “not a work of fiction” reminders.

Many are now speculating as to whether Dre, also known as Andrea Greene, is the real person behind all of these homicides.

Is Andrea Greene a real-life murderer?

Andrea Greene, a.k.a. Dre, is a fictional character, despite numerous instances in the series where it is explicitly stated that it is not a work of fiction.

She is a fictional character, and she is not a real-life serial murderer who hunted down those who disparaged their favourite artists. Also not specifically modelled after a Beyoncé Beyhive member was the character.

Although Andrea/Dre is a fictional character, the murders, rumours, and other events that she gets mixed up in during the episode are genuine.

According to co-creator Janine Nabers, who spoke to the Los Angeles Times: “For the most part, we spent months researching to identify occasions [between 2016 and 2018] where we might set our main character. Hence, it’s not a work of fiction. We merged real internet rumours with real killings in the story of our lead character, Dre. Not much is made up.”

However, it’s not difficult to understand why some viewers could believe that Dre is a genuine person, particularly in light of episode 6’s genre switch.

In Swarm, who portrays Andrea Greene?

In Swarm, Dominique Fishback portrays the role of Dre. Before earning his breakthrough in the popular HBO drama The Deuce, Fishback made a few appearances on TV shows (The Knick, The Americans, and Blue Bloods).

She has since appeared in other films, including the Academy Award-winning Judas and the Black Messiah, for which she received a BAFTA nomination in the category of Supporting Actress. In the summer of 2023, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts will feature Fishback.

Who is Andrea Greene

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