Where to Watch What is a Woman a Documentary Film? What is This Story About?

‘What Is A Woman?’ is a documentary film about Matt Walsh, who begins on a trip to find answers to the seemingly simple yet intricate question: What is a woman? The documentary includes interviews with numerous medical professionals, including the well-known Dr. Phil.

The importance of subject of gender fluidity discussed in the film is extremely important in today’s culture, as more and more people need to be aware of it. So, if you’re curious about the documentary, we’ve got you covered!

What is What Is A Woman About?

‘What Is A Woman’ follows Matt Walsh on his amusing yet scary adventure to answer some hard and contentious topics about gender fluidity by interviewing numerous professionals and persons who have surgically changed their gender.

where to watch what is a woman

He is seen asking some serious issues about the rationale of a gender ideology movement that primarily targets women and children in society. Now that your curiosity has been piqued, you may be wondering where you can see the documentary. In such a case, we’ve got your back!

Who is Matt Walsh In What Is A Woman?

Matt Walsh is a political analyst, media personality, columnist, and author who is 35 years old. He works at the daily wire company for the aforementioned reasons. Matt Walsh is a very controversial figure because he is known for opposing social and political problems that are morally and generally correct.

He is against abortion, as well as rape and incest cases, same-sex marriage, transgender rights, and paid paternity leave.

where to watch what is a woman

The man compared gender-affirming child care to child abuse and rape. Even by himself, he is known as a troller, theocratic fascist, women’s studies scholar, and scientist. In 2020, his Twitter account was suspended.

Transgender activist Eli Erlick even called the documentary a sham and a fraud, claiming that it is all a ruse. He is clearly a Trump and Republican fan. So the man is a walking scandal, and it should be obvious why both the man and his documentary are so divisive.

Where To Watch What Is A Woman?

On June 1, 2022, the documentary was released. It’s no coincidence that the film premiered at the start of Pride Month. What better time to debut a documentary about gender and transgender rights than during Pride Month?

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To respond to the question of where to watch, What exactly is a woman? The film may be viewed on Daily Wire. Because the film is an original production, it is only available in countries where Daily Wire is available. To view the documentary, you must have a Subscription. What exactly is a woman?

What Is A Woman Trailer

Here is the trailer of the documentary film What Is A Woman?

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