Wellmania Season 1: Where to Watch? It’s on Netflix!

Here is everything you need to know about Wellmania.

Wellmania is an upcoming Australian comedy sitcom that will most likely premiere in the month of January. We will now learn about the comedy-drama Wellmania, which was inspired by the novel of the same name. Misadventures in the Search for Wellness is written by Brigid Delaney and co-created with Benjamin Law.

The human tornado is in critical health. She is truly compelled to reconsider her “live fast, die young” mentality. By putting her body first in a wellness quest, she tries everything from the benign to the odd in an attempt to get well and regain control of her own life.

So the Australian comedy series may be a part of the Netflix collaboration, and actress Celeste Barber is developing the latest dramedy series called Wellmania, which is about a woman who is forced to change her way of life in order to enhance her health and embark on a wellness journey.

Wellmania on Netflix is based on Brigid Delaney’s novel.

Where to Watch Wellmania Season 1 

Unfortunately, the Wellmania series is yet to be released, and currently, we do not know where we can watch this series, But If this series is produced, it will be available on Netflix. If you want to know where we can watch Virgin River Season 5 Paranoid Season 2

Wellmania Season 1 Release Date

If you want to know the release date of wellmania season 1. Click Here

Wellmania Season 1 Plot 

The plot of the series revolves around Liv, the woman with the most personality who is facing a big health problem. Liv is forced to reconsider her fate and how she wants to live her life after receiving her diagnosis.

where to watch wellmania

She used to believe in living fast and dying young, but after the diagnosis, she isn’t so sure. She begins a wellness journey while reminding herself that she is capable. She intends to attempt everything under the sun to return to her old life, no matter how difficult it sounds.

Wellmania Season 1 Trailer

Regrettably, the Wellmania series teaser hasn’t been released to the public yet, and we’re not sure when it will. The drama series’ production was finished in early 2022, but if our luck holds, we’ll get to see a trailer for it before the year ends.

 Where to Watch Wellmania

Before the series’ anticipated January release, the trailer would be made public. This might indicate that now the teaser will be made available monthly or even a single day in advance. A January 2023 release date is plausible.

Where is Wellmania Being Filmed?

Brigid Delaney is also the co-creator (together with Benjamin Law), scriptwriter, and associate producer of Wellmania, a new Netflix comedy series. Celeste Barber’s show is presently filming in Sydney.


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Wellmania, a January-premiering Australian comedy-drama, The novel Misadventures in the Search for Wellness inspired it. In serious conditions, the human tornado must rethink her “live fast, die young” philosophy. We don’t know when Wellmania’s teaser will be released. The drama series was done in early 2022, but hopefully, we’ll get a trailer before the year ends. Possibly January 2023.

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