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When the premise of a ghost film is created, the film and the audience are expected to be filled with jumpscares, screams, and tears. Christopher Landon, on the other hand, has decided to update the genre for his upcoming Netflix picture. Christopher Landon, who previously wrote and directed horror hits like Happy Death Day 2U and Freaky last year, offers the classic ghost story a family adventure twist in his new picture We Have A Ghost.

The new film, based on Geoff Manaugh’s 2017 fictional short tale Ernest, will follow a family who discovers a ghost on their land. While most people would cry or scream in response to this news, the father of the family begins to laugh, documenting the ghost’s reaction in order to create a social media storm. The film was reportedly shot in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Landon tweeted that the shoot would be finished in November 2021. The post was accompanied by a slate with the film’s on-set logo and a beautiful ghost drawing for the main character.

When & Where to Watch the Ghost?

You will be able to view The Ghost on Netflix. If you want to learn how to watch the film, read the instructions below.

 Where to Watch We Have a Ghost

1) First and foremost, go to Netflix’s official website at

2) Now, tap on Sign In, which will be in the upper-right corner of the screen.

3). Enter your Email or Mobile number and Password here, then click the Sign In button.

4). After checking in, go to Search and input The Ghost, and the movie poster will appear in front of you; tap on it to watch it.

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We Have a Ghost Release Date 

If you want to know about the release date of We Have A Ghost. Click Here

We Have a Ghost Plot 

What would you do if a ghost appeared in your house? Would you yell, cry, or laugh like the father in this story? In “Ernest,” the original short story, a family led by father Frank Presley moves into a new house — well, new for them. Because the house is historic and traditional, various noises and settling are to be expected. However, during the night in their new home, Kevin is awakened by a strange shuffling sound and follows it to an empty bedroom, where a ghost stands in the center of the chamber.

 Where to Watch We Have a Ghost

When Frank arrives, the ghost does exactly what you’d expect: he shuffles towards him, moaning while the lights flicker. But Frank isn’t scared. In fact, he finds it hilarious and pulls out his phone to record everything. Frank gains popularity as a result, and he begins tormenting the ghost, whom he names “Ernest,” for social media clout, milking the issue for all the press he can get.

But everything comes to a halt when both the ghost and Frank’s eldest teenage son, Kevin, go missing one day, igniting a CIA manhunt that produces shocking revelations about the true story of Ernest. To be clear, “We Have A Ghost” is being marketed as a “family adventure,” and Landon has declared on Twitter that, despite his past filmography and the eerie subject matter, “We Have A Ghost” is not a horror film.

We Have A Ghost Trailer 

Because filming is still ongoing, no official trailer for the next film has been released as of yet. We’ll notify you as soon as the trailer is available so you can see Anthony Mackie and David Habour again.

Is Ghost the Movie Based on a True Story?

It’s a significant achievement for a modest film.” “Ghost is based on a true story,” Vikram said of the film’s plot. My stories are usually made up, but this is the first time I’ve made a film based on a true story.”

Is It Worth Watching the Ghost Movie?

“Ghost” will be difficult to watch for even the most ardent Nagarjuna fans and is not recommended!




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