Where to Watch Adam Kay’s Biography This is Going to Hurt? Is It Available on Netflix?

Would you like to watch This Is Going To Hurt online? Here’s where you can watch this gripping program. This Is Going To Hurt is based on Adam Kay’s blockbuster book of the same name, which details his experience as a young doctor working in obstetrics and gynecology.

Ben Whishaw (No Time To Die) portrays a fictionalized version of Adam while working as an acting consultant in a delivery unit in 2006.

There, he encounters some of the events described in Adam Kay’s biography, battling with guilt over a botched operation and attempting to balance his personal life with the ups and downs of working in the NHS.

This is how you may watch This Is Going To Hurt from anywhere in the world.

Where To Watch This Is Going To Hurt?

This is Going to Hurt is now available on AMC+, where it joins the likes of 61st Street and The Ipcress File.

Is This Is Going To Hurt Available On Netflix?

This is one of those truly ironic situations when the title is the same thing one may say to someone before breaking the bad news. The true fact of the matter is, This is Going to Hurt is not one of the numerous outstanding selections offered to view today on Netflix, and there is no sign this will change very soon.

where to watch this is going to hurt

But it’s not like subscribers don’t have anything else to do on the streamer, since their archive is jam-packed with engaging content. Some wonderful titles to choose from accessible today are medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Ratched and Virgin River, just to name a few.

This Is Going To Hurt Review

The plot is clear, and it centers around Adam, a labor ward doctor who becomes overwhelmed by the stresses of his job. This is exacerbated by his attempt to balance it with his increasingly alienated relationship with his partner Harry.

With junior doctor Shruti by Adam’s side and a mix of midwives, nurses, and patients arriving with a never-ending array of requests and wants, these 7-episode series pull absolutely no punches in presenting the hard realities of life on the wards.

The show rides a narrow line between comedy and melodrama, with later episodes practically abandoning the humor entirely in favor of something significantly more gloomy and horrific.

where to watch this is going to hurt

In essence, the first four episodes tell a plot that revolves primarily around Adam’s issues when a patient files a complaint about the manner he handled an early pregnancy. Following that, the final three episodes concentrate on Adam’s personal life. The main focus of this story is on his relationships and his developing dissatisfaction with the grueling life of a doctor.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, this tonal shift may feel a little too abrupt for some, especially those expecting a more lighthearted adventure. It’s not surprising, given the first episode’s number of gags and fourth wall breaking.

However, as the episodes progress, this fourth wall break appears to be a gimmick to entice viewers before delving into the more difficult issues that the show wishes to address. There are several significant socioeconomic themes at work here, including the government’s lack of financing for the NHS, the rich/poor split, and the horrible hours and mental fortitude required to execute this job.

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While shows like One Born Every Minute highlight the never-ending drama, elation, and grief that defines the labor ward, This Is Going to Hurt goes one step further, delving deeply into the psyches of the doctors, particularly Shruti and Adam.

As the series goes on and Shruti’s skills as a doctor improve, there’s a wonderful chance to see more of her on the ward. The following episodes even split the focus evenly down the center, with the very magnificent episode 6 working to crescendo this journey, with both characters getting equal screen time. Of course, no spoilers here, but that episode is arguably the best of the season.

It’s uncommon to find a BBC drama that knows exactly what it is and doesn’t overstay its welcome. There are a few points in the middle of the episodes, particularly in episodes 3 and 4, when it feels like everything is coming apart at the seams, but This Is Going To Hurt manages to keep everything ticking along beautifully for the grand finish.

It’s going to hurt viewing this, so brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster. Expect elation, heartache, and laughter along the road, all mixed into a heady mixture of outstanding television.

This Is Going To Hurt Trailer

Here is the trailer of This Is Going To Hurt:

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