Where to Watch Jeff Bridges’s The Old Man? Is It Streaming on FX or Hulu?

Here is everything you need to know about the Jeff Bridges's The Old Man

Who says that only big movies come out in June, July, and August? Jeff Bridges’s The Old Man on FX kept us very entertained during the hottest days of summer.

The Old Man is based on the best-selling book The Old Man by Thomas Perry. Black Sails and See writers Robert Levine and Jonathan E. Steinberg are part of the team that made The Old Man. Also, Jon Watts, who directed Spider-Man: No Way Home, was in charge of the camera for the first two episodes of the show.

What we know about The Old Man is listed below.

Where To Watch The Old Man?

You can watch The Old Man on both the FX network and Hulu. It will premiere on FX on June 16 and be available to stream on Hulu at the same time, so you can choose where to watch it.

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If you like sticking to a strict schedule in a traditional TV format, you can stick with FX. If you want more freedom, you can watch the episodes whenever you want on Hulu. You’ll need a cable plan that includes the FX Network or a Hulu plan that includes FX on Hulu in order to watch the show.

The Old Man Plot

Jeff Bridges plays Dan Chase, a retired CIA agent. He’s kind of a legend, like Jason Bourne when he was at his best. Now that he’s been left by his wife, he lives alone in the suburbs with his two Rottweilers, and he’d rather keep it that way.

But his plans to live the rest of his life in peace are violently shattered when, after hiding for years, the U.S. government finds out where he is and goes to his house to catch him.

where to watch the old man

Chase is forced to put on the hat he wore as an agent during the Cold War when he was a cold-blooded killer, and he and his two dogs quickly become a force to be reckoned with. Both Chase and Harper are wanted for something related to what they did during the war many years ago.

They wish that what happened could stay a secret, but they have no choice but to play their roles as a game of cat and mouse plays out around the world.

The Old Man is an old story about a man coming to terms with his past. Chase wonders if the bad things he did to bad people make him a good man, or if he was ever a good man. Bridges is perfect for this role because of his rough voice, worn-out eyes, and white hair. You can have your Captain America and Iron Men, but we have an angry old man with two loyal dogs in a van doing justice as he sees fit.

The Old Man Trailer

The trailer for The Old Man has been put out by FX. In it, we see that the CIA agent played by Jeff Bridges hasn’t lost a step as he tries to get away from the government agents who are after him. Check out the trailer for The Old Man below:

Will There Be a Second Season of the Old Man?

The Old Man has been picked up for a second season by FX. The Old Man has been a hit with viewers as well as critics. FX said that with three days of delay, the first episode of The Old Man was the most-watched cable series premiere since the beginning of 2021.

So fans will get more of The Old Man after the first season, which is now over. But the exact date of when The Old Man season 2 will come out is still TBD.

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