Where to Watch the Mean One Horror Movie? Is It Available on Streaming Platforms or Not?

We’ve all heard of the Grinch, right? Most of us first met the feisty green grump in the year 2000, when Jim Carrey played the titular character in How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The film was based on Dr. Seuss’ 1957 children’s book of the same name, and the adaption resulted in the Grinch becoming a popular Christmas classic ever since.

Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve undoubtedly seen the plethora of Grinch goods that flood the shops every year during the holiday season. Everyone is aware of the misanthropic threat. However, when the horror spoof The Mean One hits theatres in December, a whole new aspect of the beloved character will be unveiled.

David Howard Thornton (known to horror fans as Art the Clown in the Terrifier trilogy) will play The Mean One, a murderous version of the Grinch. Krystle Martin (The Uncanny) plays Cindy You-Know-Who, Amy Schumacher (Nightwatch) plays Mayor McBean (the film was co-produced by Schumacher’s firm), and Chase Mullins (Driven) plays Officer Burke. The film is directed by Steven LaMorte and narrated by Christopher Sanders (Nightwatch).

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Where To Watch The Mean One?

For the time being, the only way to see The Mean One is to go to a theatre when it premieres on Friday, December 9, 2022. On Fandango, you can discover a local screening. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for it to be available for rent or purchase on digital platforms like Vudu, YouTube, Amazon prime Video, and Apple, or to stream on Peacock. Continue reading for more information.

Review Of The Mean One

As a critic, you occasionally come across a film with an enticing premise. This time, the alluring hook was The Mean One, a horror/parody film about a violent creature who looks like a certain green children’s book figure. Needless to say, my curiosity got the best of me, and I had to see what Steven LaMorte’s latest flick had to offer.

Cindy (Krystal Martin) returns to her hometown of Newville at the urging of her therapist twenty years after her mother was slain by a mysterious green thing on Christmas. She is confronted by a series of grisly deaths that drive her to confront her deepest fears, as well as a plot that goes deeper than she could have imagined.

where to watch the mean one

I really wanted to like this. I truly believed it. The promotional materials make it appear to be a lot of fun! The design of the titular Mean One (David Howard Thorton) looked promising, and there was a promise of a hilarious horror encounter. Those anticipating something akin to Evil Dead 2 will most likely be disappointed.

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There’s a good movie in there; it has all the makings of a cult classic. But the cheap-looking visuals, mediocre scripting, inconsistent tone, and weird reality that a room full of maybe a dozen drunk dudebros didn’t even try to defend themselves against a single green furry all contribute to The Mean One being a bit of a letdown.

You may say my heart is three sizes too small, but The Mean One is an uninspiring final result that could have been so much more.

The Mean One Trailer

Here is the trailer for The Mean One:

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