Where to Watch Smiley the Romantic Show? Is Smiley Worth Watching?

Smiley is a hit play that was turned into a Netflix show with the same name. The show is about the problems people have with dating and love.

Smiley is the latest romantic show to take the world by storm. Many people are interested in the story of Alex and Bruno, who meet by accident but end up falling in love.

The eight-part series is based on Guillem Clua’s hit play of the same name not to be confused with the 2012 horror movie of the same name.

Alex and Bruno meet by chance in a way that seems impossible, and this quirky romantic comedy series is a must-watch for anyone looking for their next great love story. What should you know about Smiley? Is there a trailer?

Where To Watch Smiley?

Smiley was given back to his owner on December 7, 2022. All of the episodes are currently available to watch on Netflix all over the world, and it doesn’t look like the show will be leaving Netflix any time soon.

Smiley Plot

Lex (Carlos Cuevas), a nice, muscular bartender, is the kind of handsome person that geeky people like Bruno (Miki Esparbé), an architect, avoid because they think they have no chance of getting a date with him. They don’t really go together all that well.

Bruno is a big fan of movies, and he likes everything from Italian neorealism to Howard Hawks. He likes romantic comedies and knows the director and can tell which one it is just by quoting a scene. When Lex says “Frozen,” he laughs.

Where to Watch Smiley

In their first conversation about facial expressions, Lex and Bruno insult each other and show off their charm. Both of them make it clear that they really can’t stand each other. But they meet in a strange way and wake up on the same mattress.

Take note of how Lex keeps a loving look on Bruno while he sleeps next to him. Or how Bruno makes a happy face in Lex’s bathroom mirror. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what that smiley face means.

Since the story doesn’t have a lot of surprises, my goal isn’t to keep you from finding out what happens, but rather to show you how quickly and passionately Lex gives the insight. Smiley likes how the hot and flirty conversations between Lex and Bruno make the room feel alive.

On TV, the two people fight or make fun of each other, and the kiss that follows is full of sexiness and strong feelings.

Is There an Official Trailer for Smiley?

Yes, Netflix has put out a Spanish-language trailer for Smiley. It gives us a sneak peek at the main relationship between the two men and tells us a little bit about who they are and who else is in their lives.

There doesn’t seem to be an English-language trailer yet, but don’t worry. The series can be watched with English subtitles or dubbed audio. If you’ve never used Netflix subtitles before, here’s how to make them easy to turn on and off.

Is Smiley Worth Watching?

Smiley has no business being as good as it is. This romantic comedy is funny, heartwarming, and emotional. It takes all the usual tropes and turns them into an LGBTQ+ series that you have to watch.

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