Where to Watch Sex Education Season 4? Is It Available on Netflix or Not?

Here is everything you need to know about Sex Education Season 4!!

Sex Education fans are looking forward to Sex Education Season 4. When Sex Education Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, many fans were left wondering what would happen next and if there would be another season. Sex Education has been officially picked up for a fourth season.

This was actually announced just a few weeks after the Season 3 premiere, which is kind of strange. Continue to read this article if you want to know where to watch Sex Education Season 4.

Where To Watch Sex Education Season 4?

Thanks to his mother Jean, Otis has learned a lot about sex and intimacy, and in the fourth season of this Netflix drama, he faces many new changes. Moordale is closing down because the headmistress was fired, and the students don’t know what will happen next.

Otis and Maeve have told each other how they feel about each other, but Maeve’s move to the United States will end their relationship. In the fourth season of Sex Education, find out what happens with their relationship and more.

The fourth season of Sex Education will come out on Netflix sometime in 2023. Check Bisouv again to find out exactly when the series will be available.

Sex Education Season Plot

There were a lot of cliffhangers in the last episode of the third season. Maeve was seen going to the United States to study, and Otis’s mother, Jean, had a postpartum haemorrhage but got better. This just means that Season 4 has a lot of room for growth, and fans might also meet some new characters.

Where To Watch Sex Education Season 4

Also, Maeve and Otis have told each other how they feel, but it looks like they will be in a long-distance relationship, which will put their relationship to the test. Eric and Adam also broke up, and they are now trying to figure out who they are. There are a lot of things that need to be talked about in Sex Education Season 4, and we hope that this will happen.

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Is There A Trailer Of Sex Education Season 4?

Yes, Netflix has put out a trailer that is quite long. It shows Maeve and Otis having a strange conversation about the voicemail. She asks, “What did it say?” Otis says, “It doesn’t matter it was ages  ago.” Maeve says, “It’s matters to me.”

Eric tells Adam, “Look, I understand you’re not ready to tell your mom, but I can’t be with you if you’re not all in.”

The trailer, which says “THIS TERM, EVERYTHING CHANGES,” can be seen below:

Is Sex Education Worth Watching?

Sex Education is a great show with smart, funny, and honest writing, a beautiful and diverse cast, and stories that anyone can relate to. All of the actors do a great job, but Asa Butterfield and, of course, Gillian Anderson stand out.

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