Where to Watch Lord of War? Is American Crime Drama Available on Netflix?

Lord of War is a crime drama from 2005 that looks at the arms trade around the world. Andrew Niccol wrote and directed this movie about a made-up international arms dealer named Yuri Orlov, who is played by Nicolas Cage (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent).

In the movie, Orlov gets into the arms trade after seeing a mob hit and realizing that he can make a lot of money as a gun runner who travels the world.

As Yuri and his brother and business partner Vitaly (Morbius’ Jared Leto), who is also Yuri’s business partner, become more successful and build their network, they get the attention of Interpol, especially that of Jack Valentine, an Interpol agent (Ethan Hawke, The Black Phone).

People are interested in the movie again because Viktor Bout went back to Russia as part of a prisoner swap between the US and Russia that freed WNBA star Brittney Griner from jail. BBC News says that Bout was a “well-known arms dealer” and that he was one of the people who inspired the movie.

If you want to watch Lord of War right now, here’s where you can do it.

Where To Watch Lord Of War?

Lord of War can be watched on Netflix right now. The service probably doesn’t need to be explained because it’s one of the biggest streaming services out there. It has a lot of movies and shows, including some of Netflix’s most popular shows like Stranger Things, Wednesday, Bridgerton, and The Crown, to name a few.

Review Of Lord Of War

LORD OF WAR is an ambitious, inconsistent, and occasionally intellectual film that eventually warns against war and violence. While this isn’t a novel concept, it’s unusual to encounter a film that is so determined to deliver its point sometimes too forcefully, but always genuinely.

Despite the fact that Andrew Niccol’s film is a comedy in the sense that it frames its issues with black humor, such as violence, militarism, ruthless business methods, avarice, depression, and addiction.

Less successfully, the film pits Yuri against an Interpol Agent (Ethan Hawke), who represents a legal system with little to say about worldwide gun-running. While Yuri clearly enjoys danger, he is also widely reflective of risk-averse attitudes toward vulnerable individuals and groups.

He becomes a drug addict as a result of his refusal to consider moral or cultural factors when making sales. Though not subtle, the film makes its point: choosing sides is unavoidable.

Trailer Of Lord Of War

You can Watch the trailer of Lord Of War Here:

Is It Worth Watching Lord of War?

“Lord of War” is an interesting and stylish movie, and Nicolas Cage does a great job in it. The original screenplay has one of the best beginnings I’ve ever seen. It starts with a bullet being made in a factory and ending up in the head of a victim.

Is Lord of War a True Story?

Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) was mostly based on the actions of Viktor Anatol’yevich, an international arms dealer and former Soviet officer who was finally caught by Thai police in March 2008. Bout, who was known as the “Merchant of Death,” was trying to make a deal with F.A.R.C.

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