Is Dopesick Available on Netflix or Hulu? Where to Stream It?

Hulu has released Dopesick, a compelling new miniseries starring Michael Keaton. It traces the emergence of oxycontin and how a pharmaceutical firm sparked America’s largest drug pandemic in the early days of the opioid crisis.

Keaton recently won the Emmy for Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for his work in Dopesick. Continue reading to find out where to watch Dopesick without cable.

Is Dopesick Available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, Dopesick is not currently available on Netflix. While Netflix has many similar titles regarding the opioid problem and addiction struggles, as of today, this 2021 miniseries is not among them, and it’s possible that it never will be because the show is currently only available on a separate streaming channel.

Even so, we’ll keep you updated if and when this changes. Until then, keep reading to find out where you can watch every episode of Dopesick.

Where To Watch Dopesick?

Dopesick is a Hulu series (in the United States, it premieres on Disney Plus in the United Kingdom), therefore you’ll need a subscription to the streaming service to see it.

where to watch dopesick

There are a few options for obtaining a Hulu subscription. The first option is to just subscribe to the solo Hulu subscription. This comes in two flavors: a $6.99 ad-supported Hulu membership and a $12.99 ad-free subscription. Additional add-ons (such as premium channels like HBO or Showtime, unlimited screens, and DVR capacity) are available with either of these subscriptions, but you won’t need any of them to watch Dopesick.

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Hulu with Live TV is still another alternative. This subscription not only includes all of the original and archival material available on Hulu’s standalone service, but it also allows customers to watch live TV from local and cable channels, including live sports. Hulu with Live TV costs $64.99 per month.

Dopesick Reviews

Dopesick premieres on Hulu on Wednesday, October 13. On October 13, the streaming service will release the first three episodes of Dopesick, titled “First Bottle,” “Breakthrough Pain,” and “The 5th Vital Sign.”

After this initial three-part binge, Hulu will release a single episode every Wednesday for the next five episodes. The final episode of Dopesick will be released on November 17th.

where to watch dopesick

The word is out on Dopesick, with many hailing it as a compelling, epic depiction of the epidemic. Michael Keaton and Kaitlyn Dever have also received honorable mentions.

What to Watch’s Emma Fraser expressed her initial comments on Dopesick, complimenting the show’s complexity in addressing both Purdue’s intrigues and the pandemic’s broad impact, noting the series is all the richer for the breadth it attempts.

Dopesick now has an 82% good rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 69 on Metacritic.

Dopesick Trailer

A few weeks ago, Hulu published the official trailer for Dopesick. Check it out in its entirety below.

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