Where to Watch a Friend of the Family the Real Crime Series? Where to Stream It?

Here is everything you need to know about A Friend Of The Family

A new real crime series is making waves online. Peacock’s A Friend of the Family is a theatrical version of the Broberg family’s tragedy, which was previously portrayed in Netflix’s documentary Abducted in Plain Sight.

Jan Broberg, who was kidnapped by her neighbor Robert B. Berchtold when she was 12 and 14, is featured in the new series. Berchtold exploited his magnetic personality to befriend and manipulate the Brobergs.

If you can’t wait to hear more about A Friend of the Family, keep reading to find out when it airs and how you can watch it.

Where To Watch A Fiend Of The Family?

A Friend of the Family is only available on Peacock. The Premium Plan for the streamer costs $4.99. Peacock’s Premium Plus package costs $9.99 per month. Both options are available on a monthly or annual basis. If you’re wondering what makes each subscription unique, the Premium Plus plan does not include advertisements and allows you to download and watch Peacock content offline.

What is a Friend of the Family About?

Peacock characterizes A Friend of the Family’s synopsis as follows:

“A Friend of the Family is based on the true story of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan was abducted many times over the course of several years by a seductive, obsessed family ‘friend.’

Where to Watch a Friend of the Family

The Brobergs were completely unprepared for the cunning strategies their neighbor used to attack their vulnerabilities, push them apart, and turn their daughter against them. This is the story of how their lives were forever changed and how they managed to survive.”

A Friend Of The Family Trailer

Check out the trailer Peacock published in advance of the series premiere. The video is both terrifying and captivating, which should catch anyone’s interest.

A Friend Of The Family: True Evil Documentary

Even though A Friend of the Family has concluded, viewers can continue to explore the narrative with the documentary A Friend of the Family: True Evil, which will premiere on Peacock on Tuesday, November 15.

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The documentary includes interviews with members of the real Broberg family, including Jan, and introduces another woman who claims to be a survivor of Robert Berchtold. According to the trailer, this documentary will delve even further into what transpired than Netflix’s Abducted in Plain Sight.

Where to Stream a Friend of the Family: True Evil?

Peacock will be the only place to see A Friend of the Family: True Evil. Peacock is NBCUniversal’s over-the-top streaming service, which includes video-on-demand and occasional live events. In addition to the NBC and Universal libraries, third-party programming from Lionsgate, Starz, Warner Bros, A&E Networks, ViacomCBS, Paramount, Cinedigm, and others are available.

Where to Watch a Friend of the Family

Peacock offers free, premium, and ad-free options; however, most Peacock originals, such as A Friend of the Family: True Evil, are only available on the premium tier, which costs $4.99 per month and allows you to watch new NBC episodes one day after they air, as well as full access to original programming. Peacock also offers an ad-free premium subscription for $9.99 per month.

This subscription not only removes advertisements but also offers a lot of stuff that is not available in the free version of Peacock.

A Friend Of The Family: True Evil Trailer

Here is the trailer of A Friend Of The Family: True Evil

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