When Will Move to Heaven Season 2 Be Released?

The South Korean TV drama Move to Heaven, which is accessible to stream, is directed by Kim Sung-ho and written by Yoon Ji-ryeon. Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jae-Wok, and Hong Seung-hee appear in the Netflix original series.

The sitcom follows Geu-ru (Tang Joon-sang), a young man with autism, and his guardian Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon) (Lee Je-hoon). They uncover undiscovered stories while working as trauma cleaners. Netflix will begin broadcasting the show internationally on May 14, 2021.

Yoon Ji-ryeon produces and Kim Sung-ho directs the online South Korean television series Move to Heaven. Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Jae-Wok, and Hong Seung-hee appear in the Netflix original series.

The story revolves around Geu-ru (Tang Joon-sang), a young autistic boy, and Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon), his guardian. They explore untold stories to assist people in healing from trauma. Netflix will make the show available internationally on May 14, 2021. In this post, we’ll look at whether Season 2 will be released and, if so, what to expect from it.

Season One Recap

Before we get into the Move To Heaven Season 2 release date, let’s go over a quick summary.

Geu-ru suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. He struggles with social interactions and nonverbal communication. He works for his father’s company, “Move to Heaven,” where he arranges belongings left by the deceased. When his father dies, his Uncle Sang-gu emerges out of nowhere. Sang-gu exudes a chilly temperament.

Despite this, he was appointed as Geu-guardian. Ru’s He currently lives with his nephew and assists him in running the family business, Move To Heaven. Sang-gu used to compete in underground fights before being imprisoned after an incident during one of his fights.

Move to Heaven Season 2

They now co-manage the firm and learn about the deceased’s life. Meanwhile, Sang-gu tries to make peace with his turbulent history. It includes Geu-father Ru’s and the heinous crime for which he was imprisoned.

Move to Heaven Season 2 Release Date

“Move to Heaven” Season 1 premiered on Netflix on May 14, 2021, and is now accessible to watch in its entirety. The first season is made up of ten episodes, each lasting 45 to 60 minutes. This is all we currently know about Season 2 of this show.

At the moment, there is no option to Move to Heaven season 2 without paying a fee. Because neither the show’s creators nor Netflix has commented on its renewal. Fans will have to wait a bit longer to learn whether the show will be renewed.

Korean dramas are usually finished in a single season and do not have a second or third season. Many K-dramas are produced in the style of a limited series and last only one season. Only a few presentations end on a cliffhanger, providing room for more investigation.

In the season finale, ‘Move to Heaven,’ viewers will see Joo Young escape the hands of law enforcement authorities, and it is predicted that the antagonist will seek vengeance for the empire’s demise in this episode.

We also learn towards the end of the pilot season that Na Mu is in love with Geu Ru, which has the potential to produce a host of problems between the two characters. As a result, the revival of ‘Move to Heaven’ appears to be a matter of time. If it gets renewed for a second season this summer, Move to Heaven Season 2 will premiere in the middle of the next decade.

Move to Heaven Season 2 Cast?

Tang Joon-Sang portrays the main character Geu Ru in the Korean drama series. Previously, the actor appeared in prominent television shows2 such as Night of 7 Years and Crash Landing on You. In the television series Gang Gu, Lee Jr-hoon plays his nephew.

Move to Heaven Season 2

One of the other cast members, Hong Seung-hee, plays the character Na-mu. Yoon Ji Hye portrays Joo Young. Ji Jin-hee plays Jeong-u, while Shin Soo-oh plays Kim Yong-woo.

If Move To Heaven Season 2 is renewed, the majority of the original cast members will almost certainly return to their roles. However, if the plot progresses, new characters may be added to the cast.

Move to Heaven Season 2 Expected Plot

In Season 1, Sang Gu accepts Geu Ru’s guardianship in order to benefit financially. However, at the end of the first season, he has formed a strong emotional bond with his nephew and no longer has any hidden motives for remaining with him.

In actuality, he chooses to return to the clandestine boxing ring in order to regain his house deed, putting his life in danger. It demonstrates his devotion to Geu Ru. When the authorities discover the illegal gambling ring, Joo Young is able to flee at the end of the episode.

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We may expect Joo Young to return in season 2 as a vengeful adversary. On the uncle-nephew team whose actions resulted in the gambling ring’s demise. Season 1 eloquently highlighted Geu Ru’s Asperger’s syndrome concerns, and while his development has been impressive, it remains to be seen where his character goes from here.

When he and his loved ones encounter new problems and opponents, we may see a different side of him. Furthermore, because Na-mu has feelings for him, their relationship is predicted to grow stronger in the coming season. The obstacles that occur as a result of their romance will be fascinating to witness.

Is There a Trailer for Move to Heaven Season 2 Yet?

View an online teaser describing the upcoming season of the TV show. Netflix will release an official teaser a few weeks before the premiere date.


Have you seen Move to Heaven’s first season? What are your thoughts, do you like it, and what are your forecasts for Move to Heaven Season 2? Please leave your opinions in the space below.

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