We’re the Millers 2: When It’ll Be Released Worldwide?

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The Millers is a comedy with drama that centres on two people who fabricate details about their personal lives.

Molly Quinn, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, and Jennifer Aniston are the movie’s leading ladies. Based on their narrative, Bob Fisher and Steve Faber wrote the script. With only an approximate $37 million total budget, the movie made more than $270 million in theatres.

But what about the follow-up? There are a lot of heated arguments over the second installment that won’t happen again, but because of how well the first one did financially, people are anticipating and even enthusiastic for it.

Name We’re the Millers
Season 2
IMDb Rating Rating 7.0/10
Type of Content Movie
Content Rating A
Category Entertainment
Language of Web Series English
Genre Crime, Comedy

Release Date of We’re the Millers 2

We’re the Millers will have a sequel in 2021, according to the film’s creators, who took an extended vacation. As the makers confirmed, word of the release date for 2022 spread like wildfire. About the release date, the producers and actors have not yet provided any information.

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Nonetheless, considering the fans’ excitement, it is anticipated that the filmmakers will soon reveal details regarding the film’s premiere date. We’re hoping for at least a teaser from them.

Cast of We’re the Millers 2

There has been no confirmation of any changes to the first part’s cast. The major cast members seem to be sticking around for the follow-up. Take a peek at the movie’s main characters.

  • David Clark is played by Jason Sudeikis. He is a desperate drug dealer who becomes trapped in a situation as a result of his deed of goodwill.
  • Jennifer Aniston plays Rose, a stripper and David’s fictitious wife.
  • Emma Roberts plays Casey Mathis, the hired petty thief who later became David’s daughter.
  • Will Poulter play Kenny, the virginal son who is innocent.

There might be additional characters in the film in addition to these. All we can do is wait for the producers to respond.

We're the Millers 2

Sequel of We’re the Millers 2

We’re the Millers’ conclusion itself hinted that it will get a follow-up.

In the end, it is discovered that David worked with the DEA to become the major dealer for whom he imported marijuana. David is given witness protection in return for his evidence against Chacon and Gurdlinger. To join him, Rose, Kenny, and Casey should also testify.

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The Millers are seen living together as a family in a suburban home with a white picket fence as the film comes to a close. The video shows them cultivating marijuana in their backyard after that. The narrative leaves much to the audience’s imagination and makes hints towards a possible sequel.

The cast may be expected to explore the characters’ attempts to blend in with suburban life or to focus on David and his family’s foes who are out to get them.

Trailer of We’re the Millers 2

There has been no official trailer for We’re the Millers 2. Till then you can enjoy watching previous trailer of We’re the Millers.


There has been no official statement concerning the release date of We’re the Millers 2, but we do know that the next installment will surely be on its way! Till then let’s wait for Season 2.

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