Unseen Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Storyline and Everything We Know!


In the latest thriller from Netflix, Unseen, which was adapted from the Turkish series Fatma from 2021, a seemingly unremarkable cleaning lady gets drawn into a dangerous criminal network while looking for her missing husband.

Fans of the Turkish original will recognize the show immediately, but should it receive a renewal, there is a chance that it could succeed on its own.

This is everything you need to know about a potential season two after all.

Release Date of Unseen Season 2

If watching numbers are satisfactory, Netflix normally announces a renewal within one to two months of a new show’s debut.

More episodes of Unseen will most likely premiere in the spring of 2024, provided the streamer thinks it merits a second season.

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The Cast of Unseen Season 2

Before the credits begin, Zenzi (Gail Mabalane), who has reached her breaking point in the last minutes of season one, makes an attempt on her life by walking from a building’s top. That leaves her future in a very uncertain state because there is no way of knowing if she carried it out or if she lives.

However, Fatma, the model for Zenzi, also jumps off a building in the series’ climax, and when she gasps for oxygen just before the title’s roll, it becomes clear that she survived the fall.

Unseen Season 2

As Fatma’s plot and characters were directly adapted for Unseen, we believe it is reasonable to anticipate that Zenzi will also survive if Fatma does. If there weren’t at least some plans for a second season, why leave the show unfinished?

The majority of the other characters have all been murdered, except Zenzi and her estranged sister Naledi (Dineo Langa).

This includes Zenzi’s spouse and son, Max (Vuyo Dabula) and Esulu, as well as the gangsters Blessing (Rapulana Seiphemo), Raymond (Brendan Daniels), Jackson (Sherman Pharo), and Joseph (Hein De Vriesas) (Omhle Tshabalala).

Only if there are some flashbacks involved can we envision seeing any of them appear in season two.

The Plot of Unseen Season 2

Zenzi’s (though justified) misdeeds catch up with her, and after killing pretty about everyone involved in her husband’s arrest, abduction, and eventual death, she is detained by the police.

She is going to confess, but several dishonest police officers grab her from the station and take her to a remote spot where they plan to kill her.

Unseen Season 2

After narrowly escaping capture, Zenzi heads to Blessing’s club to face Raymond, the mobster who killed her son Elusu.

Theron ties Raymond up at the club and tortures him because he thinks Raymond is to blame for all of Zenzi’s killings. Raymond gets burned along with the club when Zenzi finds him and decides to set it on fire.

Zenzi feels like she has nothing left to live for after Max and Elusu are killed, and with the police now after her, she decides to commit suicide by going to the building’s roof.

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Trailer of Unseen Season 2

First, let’s wait for renewal. Enjoy the season one trailer until then.

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