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European Patient Handling Equipment Market: Business Growth, Type, Size, Share, Application, Cost, Trends, Revenue, New Opportunity and Top Companies Overview

European Patient Handling Equipment Market report covers many business strategies such as new product launches, expansions, agreements, partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions, and others that help to amplify their footprints in the market. This global market report additionally encompasses predictions utilizing a practical arrangement of suspicions and techniques. Depending on client’s demand, huge amount of business, product and market-related information has been brought together via this report that eventually helps businesses create better strategies. European Patient Handling Equipment Market is the finest market research report which is the result of proficient team and their potential capabilities.

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Rising Aging Population and Disabilities from Non-Communicable Diseases Are the Major Driver of the European Patient Handling Equipment Market

Countries such as the U.K., Germany, and France are lucrative markets for the European patient handling equipment market owing to the increasing demand for the patient handling equipment. Caregivers are increasing adopting patient handling equipment to avoid injuries caused by manual handling.

The report segments the European patient handling equipment market by product, type of care, end user, accessory, and region.The medical beds segment accounted for the largest share of the European patient handling equipment market, by product. However, the non mechanical equipment segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR in the forecast period.

On the basis of type of care, the European patient handling equipment market is categorized into bariatric care, fall prevention, critical care, wound care, and others (acute care and long-term care). Critical care is expected to be the fastest-growing segment of the applications market.Increasing aging population and disabilities from non-communicable diseases are propelling the growth of this segment.

Hospitals are the major end users of the European patient handling equipment market, followed by home care facilities.Factors such as increasing incidences of lifestyle diseases and high recovery cost from injuries promoting use of patient handling equipment are propelling the market growth.

From an insight perspective, this research report focuses on qualitative data, market size, and growth of various segments and sub segments, competitive landscape, and company profiles. The qualitative data covers various levels of industry analysis such as market dynamics (drivers, restraints, opportunities, and threats), winning imperatives, and burning issues. The report also offers market sizes and data of the various segments in this industry. It focuses on emerging and high-growth segments, high-growth regions, and initiatives by governments.The competitive landscape covers the growth strategies adopted by industry players in the last three years. The company profiles comprise basic views on the key players in the European patient handling equipment market and the strategies adopted by them to maintain and increase their market shares in the near future. The above mentioned market research data, current market size, and forecast of the future trends will help key players and new entrants to make the necessary decisions regarding product offerings, geographical focus, change in approach, R&D investments for innovations in products and technologies, and levels of output in order to remain successful.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives of the Study
1.2 Market Definition
1.2.1 Markets Scope
1.2.2 Years Considered for the Study
1.5 Currency
1.6 Limitations
1.7 Stakeholders

2 Research Methodology
2.1 Research Methodology
2.2 Description of the European Patient Handling Equipment Demand Model
2.2.1 Increase in Lifestyle Diseases
2.2.2 Increase in Geriatric Population
2.2.3 Market Size Estimation & Data Triangulation
2.3 Market Share Estimation
2.3.1 Key Data Points Taken From Secondary Sources
2.3.2 Key Data Points From Primary Sources Key Industry Insights
2.4 Assumptions

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights
4.1 By Product
4.2 By Type of Care
4.3 By End-User
4.4 By Accessories
4.5 By Country

5 Market Overview
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Segmentation
5.2.1 By Product
5.2.2 By Type of Care
5.2.3 By End User
5.2.4 By Accessories
5.3 Market Dynamics
5.3.1 Drivers Increasing Aging Population and Disabilities From Non-Communicable Diseases to Propel the Need of Market Increasing Incidences of Lifestyle Diseases is Projected to Fuel the Need for Market High Recovery Cost From Injuries Promoting Use of European Patient Handling Equipment
5.3.2 Restraints Lack of Skilled Training and Adequate Knowledge Necessary to Handle  Patients Persistent Difficulty in Handling Obese Patients
5.3.3 Opportunities Private Institutional Nursing M&A and Joint Ventures
5.3.4 Threats Competition Among Players
5.4 Burning Issues
5.4.1 Regulations Regarding Manual Lifting Creating Awareness in Caregivers Regarding the Benefits of Equipment
5.5 Winning Imperative
5.5.1 Technological Advancements Providing Competitive Edge to the Major Players in European Patient Handling Equipment Market

6 Industry Insights
6.1 Supply Chain Analysis
6.2 Key Influencers
6.3 Porters Five Forces Analysis
6.3.1 Threat From New Entrant
6.3.2 Threat From Substitutes
6.3.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
6.3.4 Bargaining Power of Buyers
6.3.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry
6.4 Strategic Benchmarking
6.4.1 New Product Launch

7 European Patient Handling Equipment Market, By Product
7.1 Introduction
7.1.1 Wheelchairs and Scooters
7.1.2 Medical Beds
7.1.3 Bathroom Safety Supplies
7.1.4 Mechanical Equipment
7.1.5 Non Mechanical Equipment
7.1.6 Ambulatory Aids
7.1.7 Other Patient Handling Equipment

8 European Patient Handling Equipment Market, By Type of Care
8.1 Introduction
8.1.1 Critical Care
8.1.2 Bariatric Care
8.1.3 Fall Prevention
8.1.4 Wound Care
8.1.5 Other (Acute Care & Long Term Care)

9 European Patient Handling Equipment Market, By End User
9.1 Introduction
9.1.1 Home Care
9.1.2 Hospital
9.1.3 Elderly Homes
9.1.4 Other (Emergency Medical Services, Long-Term Acute Care, Trauma Centers and Nursing Homes)

10 European Patient Handling Equipment Market, By Accessories
10.1 Introduction

11 European Patient Handling Equipment Market, By Countries
11.1 Introduction
11.2 the U.K.
11.3 France
11.4 Germany
11.5 Italy
11.6 Spain
11.7 the Netherlands
11.8 Sweden
11.8 Denmark
11.9 RoE

12 Competitive Landscape
12.1 Overview
12.2 Competitive Situation and Trends
12.3.1 New Product Launches
12.3.2 Agreements, Partnerships, Collaborations, & Joint Ventures
12.3.3 Mergers and Acquisitions
12.3.4 Expansions
12.3.5 Other Developments

13 Company Profiles

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