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Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market Insights 2020 to 2027

The global computer aided diagnostics (CAD) market is expected to reach a market size USD 1.19 Billion in 2020 and register a CAGR of 7.0% during the forecast period.

Next, on the basis of different segments that manufacturers specialize in, the study scans and evaluates the price of different products, sales, value, customer preference and spending capacity for the forecast period, 2020 – 2027. Profiles of the top performers from across the world are also included in the study with the aim to bring to light the winning strategies that has helped them occupy a strong foothold in the Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) market. All of these information and more are explained through resources such as charts, tables and info graphics.

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The computer aided diagnostics (CADx) market in Asia Pacific is expected to register a CAGR of 8.4% in terms of revenue during the forecast period. Europe accounts for a significant share in the global computer aided diagnostics market. North America is also a major market for computer aided diagnostics.

Competitive Landscape

FUJIFILM Medical Systems

McKesson Corporation

iCAD Inc.

GE Healthcare

Hitachi High Technologies Corporation

EDDA Technology Inc.

Philips Healthcare

Meduan Technologies

Hologic Inc.

Merge Healthcare Inc.

The COVID-19 pandemic could in no way jeopardize industry growth. Key market players are skeptical about the future of the industry and seek to build ways to aid in this challenging situation. The industry had a major effect on the pandemic, and numerous large plants had to interrupt their production and other activities. The normal lockout in various parts of the country makes for a shortage of capital. Contributing to major deterioration of domestic demand were trade, exports, and imports from abroad in COVID-19. The largest businesses in the world strive to clean up budgets and build cash reserves. There is no doubt that the actual disposable income of employees will decrease, and producers are looking at alternatives to satisfy consumer demand at a much lower rate.

You Can Download Free Sample PDF Copy of Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market at

Important Points Mentioned in the Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Study

Manufacturing Analysis: The report initially analyzes the various segments of the market in a brief manner, which includes product types, applications, and so on. Further, the report consists of a separate section wherein an in-depth analysis of the manufacturing process has been provided which has been verified thorough primary information collected by experts of reputed industries as well as the industry analysts.

Sales and Revenue Estimation: By applying several top-down and bottom-up approaches on the previous years’ sales and revenue data as well as the present market scenario, the analysts have anticipated the market growth and size in major geographies. The report further includes an all-inclusive study on the applications and end-user industries participating in the market. Furthermore, the report provides crucial data on the regulatory policies and guidelines, as well as the macro-economic factors, that determine the evolution of the market along with predictive analysis.

Demand & Supply Assessment: The report further offers key information on the manufacturing and cost analysis, consumption ration, import/export factors, and product and service distribution.

Competitiveness: The report provides crucial data based on the company profile, product portfolio, product and service cost, potential, and sales and revenue generated by the key pioneers and other leading companies.

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Application Type Outlook (Revenue: USD Billion; 2018–2028)

Breast Cancer

Lung Cancer

Liver Cancer



Imaging Modalities Outlook (Revenue: USD Billion; 2018–2028)





CT Scan


End-use Outlook (Revenue: USD Billion; 2018–2028)



Diagnostic Centers


Regional scope: – North America; Europe; Asia Pacific; Central & South America; MEA

Here are the questions we answer…

What are the future opportunities in store for the vendors operating in the Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) market?

What does the competitive landscape look like?

Which emerging technologies are believed to impact the Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) market performance?

What are the key trends and dynamics?

Which regulations that will impact the industry?

Which segment will offer the most opportunity for growth between 2020 and 2028?

Where will most developments take place in the long term?

Who are the most prominent vendors and how much market share do they occupy?

What are the latest technologies or discoveries influencing the Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) market growth worldwide?

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Table of Content

Chapter 1. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Methodology & Sources

1.1. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Definition

1.2. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Research Scope

1.3. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Methodology

1.4. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Research Sources

1.4.1. Primary

1.4.2. Secondary

1.4.3. Paid Sources

1.5. Market Estimation Technique

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

2.1. Summary Snapshot, 2019-2028

Chapter 3. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Key Insights

Chapter 4. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Segmentation & Impact Analysis

Chapter 5. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market By Products Insights & Trends, Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 6. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market By Types Insights & Trends, Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 7. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market By Applications Insights & Trends Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 8. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market By End Use Insights & Trends Revenue (USD Million), Volume (Kilo Tons)

Chapter 9. Computer Aided Diagnostics (CAD) Market Regional Outlook

Chapter 10. Competitive Landscape