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Unconventional (Oil and Gas) Production in the US Lower 48 Report

The next few years of oil and gas production growth in the United States will hinge on the discipline of operators with their capital budgets. Over the past 10 years operators have been focusing on production growth at all costs, but in 2020 they switched their initiative to returning earning to investors. Majority of the operators have stated that they are planning to operate within free cash flow to fund their future capital expenditures. This strategy has also been brought on by banks and lenders having stricter requirements when lending to the energy sector.

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Scope of this Report-
– The report analyses the crude oil and natural gas appraisal and production activities in the US Lower 48 shale plays. The scope of the report includes:
– Comprehensive analysis of crude oil and natural gas historical production during 2018-25
– Detailed information of impact on well development, permits and deals due to COVID-19 pandemic
– In-depth information of economic viability, well productivity and well completion parameters across major shale plays in the US
– Analysis of top companies’ net acreage, planned capital expenditure, and crude oil and natural gas break-even prices in 2021
– Up-to-date information on major mergers and acquisitions across major shale plays between 2020 and 2021

Reasons to Buy this Report-
– Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights into the major shale plays in the US
– Plan your strategies based on economic viability and expected developments in the major US shale plays
– Keep yourself informed of the latest M&A activity in across major shale plays
– Identify opportunities and challenges in across major US shale plays

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Table of Contents
1. Major Developments in the US Lower 48, 2020
2. US Lower 48, Historical Production and Short-Term Outlook
2.1 US Lower 48, Historical Production and Short-Term Outlook, 2018-2025
3. US Lower 48, Recent Developments and Trends among Major Shale Plays
3.1 Well Development Activity, January-December 2020
3.2 Rig Count Activity, January 2020 – February 2021
3.3 Drilled Uncompleted Wells, January 2020 – February 2021
3.4 Permits, January 2020 – February 2021
3.5 Deals, January 2020 – February 2021
4. US Lower 48, Economic Viability
4.1 Crude Oil Breakeven Price by Major Shale Plays
4.2 Natural Gas Breakeven Price by Major Shale Plays
4.3 US Lower 48, Well Productivity
4.4 US Lower 48, Well Completion
4.5 US Lower 48, Cost Trend
5. US Lower 48, Analysis of Top Companies
5.1 Total Net Acreage of Major Operators
5.2 Planned Capital Expenditure for Major Operators in 2021
5.3 Break-even Crude Oil Price of Major Operators
5.4 Break-even Gas Price of Major Operators
6. Mergers and Acquisition Activity in the US Lower 48, 2019-2020
6.1 Overview of M&A Activity
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