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Video Communication Platform as a Service (PaaS) Market Pin-Point Analysis For Changing Competitive Dynamics

Internet has enables a well-established connection for end users. However the degree of this connection varies with the application of various apps by end users. Increasing penetration of internet across the globe has offered various developing and developed countries a convenient mode of communication. Transmission of messages through telephonic conversations and writing letters are a few traditional methods of communicating to stumble upon. However, owing to developing technology, internet today offers various users with video communication platform. In addition to communication, this platform enables users sitting in various pockets of world to transfer files from one or more computer to another set of computers.

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It offers various customers with platform as a service (PaaS), which is mainly a combination of basic computing and resources infrastructure, which finds application in programing and deploying software applications particularly for delivering them over internet.  The global video communication Platform as a Service (PaaS) market is projected to register a CAGR of XX% in terms of value during the forecast period

Key Application

Video Communication Platform as a Service (PaaS) offers a cloud-based platform, which enables developers to add various attributes such as real time video communication feature to cloud computing, in order to enable communication among various customers, without any requirement of building back-end infrastructures and interface. Furthermore, owing to its applications, video communication technology offers various end users a medium through which they can conduct commercial services. Moreover, owing to applications of video communication platform, activities conducted by various end users have been witnessed to make videos further personal and relatable in nature. Various companies and customers believe that application of video communication platform strengthens bonding between various end users who are communicating.

While videos in its enterprise was mainly a medium of communication, however, video communication platform is believed to offer customers with services, which allows various end users to train and teach other end users regarding a particular subject or field. Furthermore, video communication platform is witnessed to be a strong mode of communication as it diminishes geographical boundaries and enables various end users to communicate, which in turn strengthens their bonds.

Key Trends

Various trends witnessed owing to application of video communication platform comprise training various end users or employees, integrators and partners, employee-generated content such as how-to-tutorials, meetings, interviews, and executive communications. Furthermore, various companies are generating specific applications such as employee-generated video content, which is a tool that is expected to dominate the global market owing to its commercial-specific applications.

Key market players

GENBAND, Vidyo Inc., SightCall, Twilio, Inc., TokBox, Xura, Sinch, and are the main companies operating in the global video communication Platform as a Service (PaaS) market.

In addition, surge in application of 3D video conferencing, growing adoption of browser-based video conferencing with application of WebRTC, increasing focus on video conferencing on mobile phones and increasing adoption of private cloud by private providers are a few drivers of video communication platform to mention. Another significant factor, which is expected to fuel growth of the market is through cloud integration and increasing preference of customers to adopt video communication platform.

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Rising concerns owing to data security, lack of proper business case for real-time communication, increasing quality issues, upgrading version of software and applications of video communication platforms is another significant factor which is expected to inhibit growth of the market.

Video communication platform market is expected to witness a surge as technology finds application in various sectors such as broadcasting video communication, video conferencing and collaboration, video content management, real time video communication and various other sectors. Platforms such as social media and entertainment, education, banking and finance and entertainment further adds to list of application for video communication platforms. Video communication platform comprise public and private platform. Platform of video communication finds application in various sectors. In addition, latest trend witnessed owing to its application is on much famed YouTube. Owing to video communication platform, various v-bloggers are cropping up on this platform, offering various services of entertainment, counseling, and for training purposes. Such applications have transformed human life and made it far more convenient relatively. While various institutions and companies finding application of this technology to their advantage and achieving their dreams by meeting set targets. The question remains, how are we as end users going to make use of this opportunity.

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