True Spirit: Will Jessica Be Able to Face Her Fear?

Real-life inspiration story only on Netflix


Jessica Watson must face her worst fear as she navigates the most dangerous ocean stretches on her mission to become the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop, and unassisted around the world. based on a real-life account.

Name of the series True Spirit
Part 1
IMDb Rating Rating 6.8/10
Type of Content Film
Content Rating TVPG
Studio Netflix
Language of Web Series English
Genre Drama, Biography
Director Sarah Spillane
Producer Susan Cartsonis, Debra Martin Chase, Andrew Fraser
Writer Cathy Randall, Sarah Spillane

Release Date of True Spirit

The movie was released in a few theatres on January 26, 2023, in Australia as per Netflix’s policy of releasing some of its bigger movies for a limited theatrical run, and became streamable worldwide on February 3, 2023.

Cast of True Spirit

  • Teagan Croft as Jessica Watson
  • Alyla Browne as Young Jessica Watson
  • Cliff Curtis as Ben Bryant
  • Anna Paquin as Julie Watson
  • Josh Lawson as Roger Watson
  • Bridget Webb as Emily Watson
  • Vivien Turner as Hannah Watson
  • Stacy Clausen as Tom Watson
  • Todd Lasance as Craig Atherton

true spirit

Abstract of True Spirit

The goal of 16-year old Jessica Watson in 2009 is to sail solo around the world without stopping at any ports, breaking the record for the youngest person to do so. She must traverse the equator and all longitude meridians throughout the 200 day trek. Her parents, three siblings, and coach Ben Bryant, a disgraced former competitive sailor, make up her squad. Jessica uses a satellite phone to connect with the team while sailing her boat, the Pink Lady.

true spirit

During a test run, a cargo that strayed off track strikes Jessica’s boat. She forgot to activate her alert system before turning in for the night, so she was unaware of the approaching ship. The incident makes the media question whether Jessica can safely achieve her aim. Even though they are concerned, her parents nevertheless encourage her goals.

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Before Jessica runs into her first significant storm while traveling from Sydney, Australia, everything goes according to plan. Jessica lowers her sail and heads back to her stateroom, deciding to ride it out. She is knocked out cold by the waves’ intensity, and she doesn’t come to it until the following morning. Her parents worry that she might be kicked in the head, but Jessica tells them that she is well and keeps on traveling.

When there is no wind for a week, Jessica’s boat is stuck. She experiences depression and loneliness at this time. She argues angrily with Ben and harshly reminds him that one of his crew members died while competing in the New Zealand Millennium Cup under his leadership. As a result, he ends abruptly the project. When Jessica is feeling down, her mother suggests that she sing David Bowie’s “Starman” while looking at the brightest star in the sky to cheer herself up.

As the wind picks up again, Jessica keeps traveling. When she finally reaches Australia, Sydney is roughly a thousand miles away. She runs into three combining storms before she can get home. After Ben returns, she is advised to change her course, thus giving up on her planned globe. Jessica decides to stick it out rather than give up. The storm turns out to be far more intense than the previous one. The Pink Lady flips over and sinks 15 feet (4.5 meters) below the surface. The team worries that Jessica may have drowned when this activates the emergency locator beacon on the boat.

The Pink Lady, however, reappears and takes stock of her situation. Jessica lets her family know that both the boat and herself are secure. 210 days after she left, she makes her way back to Sydney Harbour. She is greeted by members of her team and a large group of onlookers.

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Jessica was named the Young Australian of the Year in 2011, has published two novels despite having dyslexia, and is still an enthusiastic sailor, according to the epilogue.

Here you can also have a look at the Trailer which is full of the thriller.


The movie True Spirit has been released on the platform Netflix on 3 February 2023. The story about the youngest sailor to have traveled the world alone is an Australian teen. The daring 16-year-old not only attempts to realize her dream while doing this but also confronts her biggest anxieties.

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