Trolley K- Drama Release Date, Cast, Plot and Episode Details

If you are a fan of the K-Drama season and movies, then you have come to the right place. We discuss the latest K-Drama season updates and release dates.” Trolley ” is a Coming Series; on December 19, 2022, Read the full post to know everything about this Series.

About Trolley

The “trolley” is a new and thrilling Korean drama series that will premiere on Netflix in December 2022. Trolley’s first season on Netflix will include Hellbound’s Kim Hyun Joo and My Name’s Park Hee Soon, and we’ll keep track of everything you need to know about it.

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The “trolley” is a forthcoming Netflix Original South Korean romantic thriller series created by scriptwriter Kim Moon Kyo and directed by Ryu Bo Ri. Netflix will make the series available abroad.

Trolley K-Drama Series Release Date

Netflix announces that the premiere of Trolley on Netflix will occur on Monday, December 19, 2022.

The Korean drama will consist of 16 episodes in total. Every Monday and Tuesday until the series concludes on February 7, 2022, there will be a new episode. The episodes will be available on Netflix on the same day they air on SBS, the South Korean public television network.

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Runtimes have not been determined, however, we anticipate that each episode will be between 60 and 70 minutes.

Trolley Official Synopsis

The plot summary for Trolley was sourced from Naver:

“Trolley” is about the wife of a senator who conceals her history. It will depict the challenges and difficulties couples encounter when their secret becomes public.

Trolley K-Drama Series Cast

Kim Hyun Joo portrays Kim Hye Joo in the title role. Her portrayal as Min Hye Jin in the Netflix horror thriller Hellbound should be recognizable to viewers. She will also appear in the forthcoming Korean science-fiction film Jung E.

Park Hee Soon portrays Nam Jung Do and has previously acted in many Netflix Originals. Park Hee Soon has previously featured in My Name and A Model Family on Netflix.

Kim Myu Yeol portrays Jang Woo Jae in the principal role. A trolley will be Kim Mu Yeol’s second drama on Netflix; he has also been cast in Sweet Home’s second and third seasons. Kim Mu Yeol has recently appeared in the films The Devil’s Deal and Honest Candidate 2.

Trolley K- Drama Release Date, Cast, Plot and Episode Details

Jung Soo Bin portrays Kim Soo Bin in the title role. The actress has had a cameo part in Juvenile Justice, but her sole starring role outside of Netflix has been in the drama Revenge of Others.

Ryu Hyun Kyung portrays the starring role of Jin Seung Hee, marking the actress’s debut on Netflix.

Choi Ki Young is portrayed by Ki Tae Young, who is also making his Netflix Originals debut.

Kim Mi Kyung (Remarriage and Desires), Jung Soon Won (The Silent Sea), and Choi Soo I’m are confirmed as supporting actors (Glitch).

Episode Release Schedule on Netflix and SBS

Episode Netflix Release Date
SBS Broadcast Date
1 19/12/2022 19/12/2022
2 20/12/2022 20/12/2022
3 26/12/2022 26/12/2022
4 27/12/2022 27/12/2022
5 02/01/2023 02/01/2023
6 03/01/2023 03/01/2023
7 09/01/2023 09/01/2023
8 10/01/2023 10/01/2023
9 16/01/2023 16/01/2023
2 17/01/2023 17/01/2023
11 23/01/2023 23/01/2023
12 24/01/2023 24/01/2023
13 30/01/2023 30/01/2023
14 31/01/2023 31/01/2023
15 06/02/2023 06/02/2023
16 07/02/0202 07/02/0202

Where to Watch

“Trolley” is a new and thrilling Korean drama series that will be Aired on Netflix and SBS. The release date schedule is given above.

How Many Episode Trolley Have

There are a total of 16 Episodes and All episodes will be able to watch on Netflix and SBS.

Final Words

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