The Marriage App: Is It Based on a True Story?

The Marriage App tells the story of a couple who try to save their relationship by using a promising app.

The Marriage App (Movie 2022) is an upcoming Netflix OTT romantic drama. In this movie, a frustrated couple tries to fix their relationship with the help of a special watch-based app, but their obsession makes things worse. The trailer for The Marriage App is now on Netflix’s official website and YouTube channel. This drama will be led by the Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato. Friends, read this post all the way to the end to find out the Cast, Story, and Release Date for The Marriage App.

The Marriage App Movie Release Date

The movie about The Marriage App will come out at the end of 2022. We are already getting close to the end of 2022, so it won’t be long before this romantic comedy comes out. The Marriage App comes out on December 7, but that date is almost up! It makes sense to be excited about this Spanish movie because it shows relationships from a different point of view.

The Marriage App Movie

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In romantic comedy movies, the story is mostly about how the relationship between the two people grows. In the movie, we see a relationship grow in a very interesting and different way.

The Marriage App Movie Plot

A young married couple who are having trouble in their relationship meets another married couple who become their friends and are interested in finding out why they still have that spark. The other married couple says that a unique app is what brought the spark back into their marriage.

The young couple is willing to do anything to keep their marriage together, so they join “Equilibrium.” They are given watches that keep track of their progress. When one does something special for the other, they get points, and when they don’t, they lose points.

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The app seems to be working for them because they seem to be falling in love again, but soon their competitive sides take over and it starts to feel like an obsession for the couple.

The Marriage App Movie Cast

The main roles in this movie will be played by Luisana Lopilato and Juan Minujn. She was just seen in “Pipa” as Manuela “Pipa” Pelari (2022 Movie). And actor Juan Minujn makes a lot of money from his role as Pastor in the movie “El Marginal” (2016 TV Series). In this drama, they will play a fake couple. There are also many more important casts. The name of the actress in the movie The Marriage App is Luisana Lopilato.

The Marriage App Movie Trailer

You can watch the trailer for The Marriage App right here.

Is the Marriage App Based on Real Events?

No, ‘The Marriage Appisn’t based on a true story. Gabriel Korenfeld and Rocio Blanco worked together on the movie’s fictional story and screenplay. It is a movie about how much work it takes to keep a relationship or marriage happy. Belen and Federico look happy on the outside, but they are both dealing with their own problems. So, they choose an app for married couples that keeps track of the good and bad things each partner does for the other. They also get points and lose points for the same things.

Where Can I See the Marriage App?

The Marriage App is a romantic comedy movie that Netflix shows all over the world. In other words, this Spanish Netflix movie will be available to watch online. Starting on December 7, The Marriage App will be available for a limited time in the United States. But after a while, you will only be able to watch this movie on Netflix.

The Marriage App Movie

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When it comes to licensing content, the Netflix platform is very careful. Netflix sometimes puts out movies and TV shows that have already been out for a while. But Netflix is especially careful about these projects because it also makes its own shows. In other words, you can see this movie in theatres in some countries for a short time, but after that, you can only see it on Netflix.


The Marriage App (Movie 2022) is a Netflix OTT romantic drama that will come out in 2022. In this movie, a frustrated couple uses a special watch-based app to try to fix their relationship. Netflix’s website and YouTube channel now have the trailer for The Marriage App. Netflix shows The Marriage App, a romantic comedy, all over the world. The story of movie was made up of Gabriel Korenfeld and Rocio Blanco. The Marriage App will be available in the U.S. for a limited time starting on December 7.

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