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Various Techniques of Data Analysis That are Employed to Analyze and Understand The Data for Predictive Modelling

Various Techniques of Data Analysis That are Employed to Analyze and Understand The Data for Predictive Modelling, The country nor the system was much prepared for e-learning. Disrupted internet connection is a major issue faced during online classes, whereas lessons at home on digital platform is not fun at all The web link was shared with the target respondents and they were requested to take part in the survey through self administered questionnaire. Post the survey, responses got uploaded in the server and data was analyzed. The survey was conducted pan India,representing all the 4 zones to get a geographic representation of the country as a whole.

To understand the perspective and the changing lifestyle due to Covid, we at MX conducted 3075 interviews across the four zones of the country. The survey was conducted pan India targeted at respondents above 18 years of age. The representation is the natural fall. However, there are substantial numbers in each cell to draw valid conclusions.

Could you please tell the online platform(s) on which he/she enrolled in? 32 percent of all interviewed had their wards enrolled in some course. In response to the pandemic and isolation measures, course providers are offering various learning content. Children have enrolled in many online courses where 36% of the children have enrolled in Udemy classes, 30% in Swayam classes followed by Coursera, edureka, etc.

Market Xcel for Qualitative Data Analysis Simple:-

Parents are not in a hurry to send their children to school or colleges, people have begun to adjust to this new normal. 80% of the parents are unwilling to send their children back to school immediately upon Re-opening. They will wait till the announcement from the Govt. or will see the situation post lockdown.

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Various techniques of data analysis that are employed to analyze and understand the data for predictive modelling are:-

  • Hypothesis testing
  • Correlation and Regression analysis
  • Data modeling to visualize and condense vast patterns
  • Linear models
  • Segmentation and Clustering
  • Text Mining
  • ARIMA modeling

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