Start-up Season 2: Will the Show Be Back?

In the first season of StartUp, the story of Seo Dal-Mi took some unexpected turns. The show’s captivating storyline captivated fans till the finish, and they are eager to witness Start-UP Kdrama Season 2.

This Kdrama’s first season was realistic and sophisticated. Furthermore, the protagonists’ personal connections did not get in the way of their professional development. So, following a fantastic first installment, will fans be able to enjoy its sequel? Continue reading to find out.

Start-UP is a South Korean television romantic drama series. It told the narrative of Seo Dal-mi, a young man who aspires to be an entrepreneur like Steve Jobs. The first episode premiered on October 17, 2020. The show aired 16 episodes before concluding on December 6, of the same year. The show was made available to view on Netflix after its finale on tvN.

Will the Show Be Back?

South Korean dramas are becoming increasingly famous around the world. This is because people all over the world watched multiple Kdramas throughout the outbreak, causing their popularity to skyrocket. Start-Up is one such show that grew in popularity during this time period. The first season of the Kdrama received a tremendous reception from both fans and reviewers.

The viewership climbed even more after it was added to Netflix’s repertoire. However, most Kdramas only have one season and their sequels are quite rare.

Start-Up Season 2

There are rare exceptions, such as Hospital Playlist, Kingdom, and Love Alarm, which have several seasons. Furthermore, the first season of the Kdrama finished on a definite note, leaving no loose ends for Start-Up Kdrama Season 2. As a result, the prospects of this show ever returning are extremely slim.

Start-Up Season 2 Possible Release Date

Season 1 satisfied all Start-Up fans, who enjoyed seeing the main duo and their chemistry. Now, all of the fans are curious to know the updates Start-Up season 2 release date and are eagerly waiting for the studio to announce the release date and time of Start-Up season 2, but as of now, the series renewal has not been declared, so we will not receive any updates on the release date and time of Start-Up season 2.

What’s the Story of the Show?

Seo Dal-mi is the focus of the first season of Start-Up. She is a brilliant, energetic woman who aspires to be Korea’s, Steve Jobs. The story takes place in the fictional Silicon Valley and focuses on the people who work in the startup industry.

Dal-mi does not have a strong background, but she is enthusiastic about her work and has worked in a variety of part-time employment. She afterward met with Nam Do-san, the founder of Samsan tech. Sadly, she mistook Nam Do-san for her first love. And Do-san resolved to help her turn her misconception become reality.

Start-Up Season 2 Cast

The Start-Up season 1 cast members were fantastic, and fans loved seeing them and are excited to see them again in Start-Up season 2. If the series is renewed, the following actors will reprise their roles in Start-Up season 2:

Start-Up Season 2

  • Bae Suzy for playing the role of Seo Dal-mi
  • Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong
  • Eom Hyo-seop will be seen as Won Doo-jung
  • Moon Dong-hyeok will play the part of Won Sang-soo
  • Kim Hae-sook will play the character Choi Won-deok
  • Song Seon-mi, who played the role of Cha Ah-hyun
  • Nam Joo-hyuk will be portrayed as Nam Do-san
  • Kang Han-na will be seen as Won In-jae/Seo In-jae

What Are Start-Up Show Ratings?

If you want to watch the series Start-Up, don’t hesitate because it has earned a lot of favorable feedback from its admirers.

Despite the fact that several rating websites have given Start-Up season 2 great ratings, they have praised it for its excellent storyline. In comparison, it has gotten an IMDb rating of 8.1/10 and a MyDramalist rating of 8.1/10, with approximately 92% of Google users liking the drama.

Where To Watch Start-Up?

The TvN k-drama ‘Start Up’ is now available on Netflix’s global streaming service. The k-drama features sixteen episodes in total, with each episode lasting 60 to 80 minutes. With each episode,

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Start-Up Season 2 Trailer

The Start-Up trailer was fantastic, and the entire season of Start-Up was just as wonderful.
Fans eagerly awaiting the second season are now expecting that the studio would release the official trailer for season shortly. There are high hopes for this new official trailer of Start-Up season as there have been for prior seasons. 

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