Is Spotless Season 2 Canceled? What is the Reason of Cancelation? Check Out!

Here is everything you need to know about Spotless Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Many More!

Victor’s cunning nature and actions are finally revealed as the story spirals into a circle of crime and danger. The events are depicted in detail in the French drama series Spotless. Spotless is a French dark comedy-drama television series created by Ed McCardie and Corinne Marrinan.

Tandem Communications produces it in collaboration with Rosetta Media. The series revolves around how the two brothers meet by chance after so many years, and how many secrets are slowly revealed. Continue to read this article to know more about Spotless Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and many more!!

Overview Of Spotless Season 2

Name Of The Show Spotless
Season Number  Season 2
Creator Corinne Marrinan, Ed McCardie
Genre Dark comedy Drama
Season 1 Release Date 16 March 2015
Season 2 Release Date Not Yet Confirmed
Country of Origin France
Language English, French
Based On Novel

Spotless Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 aired from March 16, 2015, to April 13, 2015, and consisted of ten episodes each lasting 60 minutes. It received 7.8 IMDb ratings and a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. The series’ actions, scenes, and powerful storyline have received high praise from both the audience and critics.

The cast has also done an outstanding job. After such a positive response, it is obvious that a sequel is in the works, which viewers are also anticipating.

Spotless Season 2 Release Date

The Esquire Network made an official announcement in 2016 that the series would return with a second installment soon, but there is no season 2 as of yet. Esquire Network was a joint venture between NBC Universal and the Hearst Corporation that went bankrupt in 2017 due to low viewership and ratings.

The series’ cast has also moved on to other projects, rendering season 2 unnecessary. Following that, there have been no updates or news about its second season, implying that the series may have come to an end.

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Spotless Season 2 Cast

Season 1 featured an ensemble cast led by Marc-André Grondin as Jean Bastière. Along with him, Denis Ménochet played Martin Bastière, Miranda Raison played Julie Greer-Bastière, Doug Allen played Joey Samson, and Liam Garrigan played Victor Clay.

Spotless Season 2 Release Date

Ciarán Owens portrayed Frank McElroy, Kate Magowan portrayed Sonny Clay, Tanya Fear portrayed Claire, Naomi Radcliffe portrayed Maureen Devine, Lucy Akhurst portrayed Nina Johnson, Jemma Donovan portrayed Maddy Bastière, Niall Hayes portrayed Olivier Bastière, Brendan Coyle portrayed Nelson Clay, and Izabella Urbanowicz portrayed Rosie. Season 2 has been canceled, as has the cast.

Spotless Season 2 Plot

Jean Bastière is a Frenchman who lives in London with his wife Julie and their two adorable children. He owns a forensic cleaning company and spends his entire day dealing with murders, bodies, and criminals. But was his life really that simple? Or twisted as a result of so many rounds of lies and secrets? Yes, and this brings him back to his brother Martin, who has been missing for many years. Despite their tragic past, Jean was more complicated than Martin.Spotless Season 2 Release Date

They both got to expose Victor because of an ongoing love affair with so many secrets. There was growing tension between Jean and his wife as he laid out a plan for him. Both men staged the death of a 22-year-old girl in order to convince Nelson that Victor murdered the girl. But did he believe them, or was Victor up to something? He had plans to prove his innocence as well but was killed by Nelson’s gun.

So the cold-blooded criminal’s story ended, and who could have harmed so many people, giving both men the victory? This series, with a satirical dark comedy genre, tells one such story to viewers before leaving them for season 2. But, is it really happening? Until now, the answer has been a resounding NO, which may surprise series fans. But who knows what will happen the following day?

Where To Watch Spotless Season 2?

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Spotless Season 2 Trailer

Viewers can watch the season 1 trailer first, followed by the episodes. As of now, there is no chance of a season 2, and if viewers were hoping for one, they will be disappointed.

Is the Second Season of Spotless Over?

That question appears to have a yes answer. The show’s Twitter account was deactivated in December 2016, and the majority of the cast has moved on to other projects. The last time the cast mentioned the project was earlier this year when Marc-Andre Grondin tweeted about the death of a crew member on the show.

That brings us to the present. We don’t think Spotless will return for another two years, which is a shame given its potential. What are your thoughts? Do you want to see a new season of Spotless? Tell us in the comments.

Final Words

Ed McCardie and Corinne Marrinan created the French dark comedy-drama television series Spotless. The plot revolves around the two brothers’ chance of meeting after so many years. It has a 7.8 rating on IMDb and a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. There is currently no chance of a second season.

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