“Slaying Duos” V-Jungkook, Suga-Jimin, and J-Hope Perform Run BTS; Army Awaits RM and Jin

Run BTS was first performed by BTS V and Jungkook, then Jimin and Suga, and finally J-Hope took the stage. The members of BTS, V, and Jungkook, have at long last completed the RUN BTS challenge, which the ARMY has been requesting for some time now.

The dance challenge, which was performed by other HYBE bands, had become something of a hit on the internet, and many people were waiting for BTS members’ performances to see if they could live up to the hype. The first performers were Jimin and Suga, then BTS V and Jungkook, and finally J-Hope took the stage.

While V and Jungkook performed the song’s choreography against the background of the sunset, Jimin and Suga demonstrated their talents in the dance studio. “Taekook is so deeply related to sunsets,” one fan remarked. “Hobi, Yoonmin, and Taekook have already completed the task,” said another.

Namjin comes up next.” “Taekook doing the run bts challenge in front of the pool,” said a third. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see. And what a great edit…” “The powerful besties Taekook moment on TikTok Run bts dance challenge so slaying duo..finally,” one fan said.

Jungkook edited the video, which was directed by V. Many of HYBE’s bands, including Enhypen’s Ni-Ki and Jungwon, Le Sserafim, TXT’ Yeonjun, New Jeans, and Seventeen, had previously shared TikTok videos with the song. Jungkook had previously demonstrated his own brief solo of the song.

Run BTS has quickly become a fan favorite among ARMY ever since it was included in the anthology album Proof which was released earlier this year. Fans had been patiently waiting for the band to perform the song, which is a throwback to when they were in their early days, during the concert in Busan because it is nostalgic.

The band lived up to expectations, and for days afterward, people were talking about it on social media and trying out some of the dance moves themselves.

Fans are going to be very disappointed because Jin will leave for his military service on December 13, while RM is getting ready to release his album Indigo this week. After performing his solo, “Astronaut,” the vocalist said his goodbyes to ARMY in person during Coldplay’s concert in Argentina.

This took place after the vocalist had performed his solo. It is anticipated that the band will get back together as a band in 2025.

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