Scumbag System Season 2 Release Date: What Will Come Out in This Animation Series?

Get to know all the details regarding season 2 of Scumbag System here.


From September 10 to October 1, 2020, the first season of “Scumbag System” was broadcast on television. A few viewers have actively followed the show and are eager to learn more details about Season 2 of the Scumbag System.

Author Mo Xiang Tong Xiu is introducing a novel manga written in a popular fashion. Despite its “youth,” the plan immediately attracted the interest of fans of the genre, leading to its adoption.

There are currently 10 episodes in the anime series Scumbag System. Scumbag System (Chuan Shu Zijiu Zhinan) is currently rated at #870 on MyAnimeList with a rating of 7.81 with 14,633 members.

In the meantime, the show’s IMBD rating, which is based on user reviews, was 8.1.

Name A Whisker Away
Season 2
IMDb Rating Rating 8.1/10
Type of Content TV-Series
Content Rating TV-14
Category Entertainment
Language of Web Series English
Genre Fantasy, Animation, Romance

Release Date of Scumbag System Season 2

According to the schedule, the manga was about to get published in 2022. The second season of the Scumbag System began in 2022, and the anime was about to be screened in theatres the following year due to the manga’s pause and the creator’s lack of urgency to make the follow-up.

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Shen Yuan, the protagonist of the story, is aware of what is in store for him in the new world in advance, and he does not like it at all, which sets the show apart from other works.

Plot of Scumbag System Season 2

Let’s examine and learn more about what transpired in Scumbag System’s first season before discussing what occurs in the second season.

Shen Yuan has read enough xianxia novels to know that the protagonist will eventually turn evil, get revenge on his sleazy mentor, and amass a sizable number of concubines along the way. Nevertheless, he doesn’t get to play the heroic role; instead, he becomes the sleazy ace doomed to suffer a humiliating defeat.

Scumbag System Season 2 Release Date

Shen Yuan, now known as development ace Shen Qingqiu, sets out to change his fate to avoid falling to his devotee, Luo Binghe, the book’s protagonist. Changing his character would seem to be impossible because any unusual behaviour would be blocked by an observation system designed to prevent him from damaging the plot.

To avoid having a compelling reason to seek revenge on his teacher in the future, Yuan needs to figure out how to get close to Luo Binghe.

Trailer of Scumbag System Season 2

The official Scumbag System Season 2 trailer has not yet been released for viewing in 2022. Instead, view the season one trailer. Watch it to see how amazing the first season of Scumbag System’s animation was.


Since there is no confirmation for Scumbag System Season 2 . Fans are advised to wait patiently for any such developments since once the news is made official, more details will become available.

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