Physical: 100 Season 1: What is This Korean Tv Show About?

Hot new Korean fitness competition show on Netflix.


The demanding Physical: 100 is a hot new Korean fitness competition show on Netflix. In the TV show, 100 of Korea’s strongest and most brilliant individuals get together to take on more demanding and difficult challenges. The greatest of the best are put to the test, including Olympians, wrestlers, MMA fighters, and others.

The first season of the programme kept spectators and competitors on their toes. In the opening episode, the challenge is to hang onto a bar for as long as you can as a teaser for what’s to come. The only job without eliminations, it was nonetheless equally as harsh as the rest of the competition. The competition intensified from there, with intense one-on-one ball-grab fights removing 50 per cent of the 100 competitors.

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One participant suffered a rib fracture during the challenge, and another reportedly fought for his place in the game until his arm became briefly paralysed. Players eventually had to move a 2-ton ship after building a bridge and carrying hefty bags of sand in teams. Players competed individually in challenges with a Greek theme in the previous challenge, such as The Punishment of Atlas.

Fans undoubtedly want to know whether Season 2 will also take place now that Physical’s winner has been revealed. Given its widespread appeal, the wildly popular Netflix series ought to be renewed.

Name Physical: 100
Season 1
IMDb Rating Rating 7.8/10
Type of Content TV Series
Content Rating TV-14
Category Entertainment
Language of Web Series English
Genre Reality-TV

Episodes of Physical: 100 Season 1

The show has a Total of 9 Episodes. These are all of the episode’s specifics.

  • Episode 1: ‘The Pecking Order’
  • Episode 2: ‘Lose It and You Lose’
  • Episode 3: ‘One You Wish to Avoid’
  • Episode 4: ‘The Underdogs’
  • Episode 5: ‘The Uninvited Guests’
  • Episode 6: ‘The Weight of Survival’
  • Episode 7:  ‘The Possibility of the Impossible’
  • Episode 8: ‘A Merciless Punishment’
  • Episode 9: ‘1/100′

Physical: 100 Season 1

Trailer of Physical: 100 Season 1

The official Trailer of Physical: 100 Season 1 has been released. You’ll can have a look at it.

Plot of Physical: 100 Season 1

Those who are in excellent physical condition strive to be the best in the nation in Physical 100. All of the contestants are in excellent shape, and many are already well-known in Korea.

We have MMA fighters, Cross Fit champions, national rugby players, wrestlers, boxers, Olympic gold medal-winning gymnasts, etc.

The plan is to eliminate 100 hundred participants through a series of taxing tasks until only one body remains, the overall winner, who will get a monetary prize of 300 million won (about $250,000).

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Determining their standing in the competition’s pecking order is the first challenge of the episode. Gamers must maintain their grip on a dangling rig as long as they can. You move in the rankings as you hang on for longer.

The benefit of choosing their opponent for the first challenge goes to the person who is the most successful. In the one-on-one match, the victor advances to the next round while the loser gets sent home right away.


The Season 1 of Physical: 100 has been released on Netflix. You’ll can watch all the episodes over there.

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