Is Penthouse Season 4 Renewed by Netflix? Is Penthouse Worth Watching?


For a long time, K-dramas have spread their allure over the world like wildfire. Asian content has gradually starting to be eaten on a huge basis lately. Penthouse is yet another K-drama in the basket of old content available for viewing. If you’re curious about Penthouse and its fourth season, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with all you need to know about Penthouse and its fourth season.

Overview Of Penthouse 

Name Of The Show Penthouse
Season Number Season 4
Directed By Dong Min Joo
Genre Suspense Drama Crime Revenge Thriller Mystery
Season 3Release Date October 26, 2020
Season 4 Release Date Not Confirmed
Country of Origin South Korea
Language Korean
Based On Real Estate and Education War

Renewal Status Of Penthouse Season 4

SBS had not renewed Penthouse for period 4 at the time of creation. Before this season, the studio stated unequivocally that there will be no fourth season. Nonetheless, fans are optimistic that The Penthouse Season 4 will air in the near future.

penthouse season 4 release date

In their defence, the rebirth of hit titles is a de facto industry standard. Many hit collections have recently been restored through techniques of public request. There is currently no confirmation regarding The Penthouse Period four.

Penthouse Season 4 Release Date

The Penthouse: War in Life is the first drama on SBS. The first episode of the first season came out in October 2020. Before, it was said that the programme would have a total of three parts. The second season of The Penthouse came to an end at the beginning of this month. At the end of the second time period, there were 5.69 million visitors.

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The collection came in at number 8 on the list of the top 50 Korean TV shows, based on how many people watched them all over the country. Also, the dramatisation came in first place among all-channel mini-series 13 times in a row, from its first episode on February 19, 2021, to its last episode on March 20, 2021.

After the success of season 3 and its end, fans have been eagerly waiting for the studio to say whether or not the show will continue. The show’s creators haven’t yet confirmed that Penthouse will be back for a fourth season, but given how much money the show has made for them, it seems likely that the show will continue, even though season 4 hasn’t been confirmed.

Penthouse Season 4 Cast

SBS has not yet brought back Season 4 of The Penthouse. The workshop has already said that there will definitely not be a fourth period. But let’s keep our fingers crossed for Season 4 of The Penthouse.

penthouse season 4 release date

Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-Yeon, Eugene, Ki-Joon, Yoon Jong-hoon, and Park Eun-Seok, who were all in The Penthouse: War in Life, became liked and loved by many people all over the world. The different stories in the collection got good reviews from movie critics. Season 4 of The Penthouse will get rid of a lot of characters and add some new ones.

Penthouse Season 4 Plot

The Penthouse: War in Life is set in and around a luxury penthouse apartment or condo with 100 floors, where many families live at the Hera Royal residence. People who live in the palace have big dreams and dark secrets. The story is mostly about how women who turn evil to protect themselves and their children stick together and get their own back.

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Penthouse 3 is about the people who live in Hera Place after their tests, as well as their children who are getting ready to take the test to get into college.

penthouse season 4 release date

Shim Su-Ryeon, who faked her death in Season 1, thinks she can finally be happy, but then Logan Lee (Park Eun-Seok) and Oh Yoon-hee die in front of her eyes. Now that the people who lived in Hera Palace are out of jail, what will happen to them as their desires grow and they meet more mysterious people?

As Shim Su-Ryeon now got back at her best friend Oh Yoon-hee and got rid of Joo Dan-Tae. In Season 4 of The Penthouse, we might see a new battle for the kids. Yoon Be-parents yeol’s died, and she might blame this on Bae Rona.

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Just like how SBS has done this kind of thing before. Shim Su-Ryeon still thinks Bae Rona and Seok Hyeon are important. In the fourth part, we’ll find out what happens to Seok Kyung, depending on whether she joins Bae Rona or fights against her.

Min-Hyuk and Yoo Jenny’s story, which has never been told before, will also be shown in Season 4 of The Penthouse. In Season 4, Hye-In will also join the show. Her job is still not clear.

Where To Watch Penthouse Season 4?

It can be watched on Netflix. The Basic plan costs $9.99 a month, the Standard plan costs $15.99, and the Premium plan costs $19.99 a month. There are four basic plan prices in India: Rupees. 849, Rs. 999, Rs. 1,109, and Rs. 1249. (Premium package)

Is Penthouse Worth Watching?

Penthouse is a mystery drama that got off to a good start and did well enough to get good ratings, but season 3 was completely different from the other seasons. With so many deaths in season 3, the story gets hard to follow after a while. Luckily, the show is still a good way to pass the time. So, Penthouse is a good show to watch if you can get through the most recent season.

Penthouse Season 4 Trailer

Since season 4 of Penthouse hasn’t been announced yet, it wouldn’t make sense to expect a trailer so soon. The show’s creators would have to confirm that there will be a new season and give a release date before we can see a trailer for season 4. This could happen up to 100 days before the show comes out.

Final Words

In October 2020, the first episode of the first season aired. The end of the second season happened at the start of this month. At the time the show was made, SBS had not renewed Penthouse for a fourth season. Fans are hopeful that Season 4 of Penthouse will come out soon. SBS has already made it clear that there will not be a fourth season.

But let’s hope that Season 4 of The Penthouse goes well. In Season 4, a lot of characters will leave and some new ones will come in. SBS hasn’t said if or when the show will come back yet. The mystery drama Penthouse got off to a good start and did well enough to get good ratings.

Season 3 has a lot of deaths, which makes it hard to follow the story after a while. If you can get through the most recent season, Penthouse is still a good show to watch.

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