Oddballs Season 2 Release Date: is Season 2 Back on Netflix?

Based on James Rallison's own YouTube channel, Oddballs on Netflix has returned.


The most recent animated series attracting the attention of Netflix fans is Oddballs. Oddballs have consistently appeared on the Netflix Children’s Top 10 since its October 7 release, and it also put some effort into the regular Netflix Top 10.

Given that the Bright series’ creator James Rallison is well-known for his YouTube avatar, TheOdd1sOut, its popularity shouldn’t come as a surprise. Rallison is a talented animator, cartoonist, voice actor, and creator. Along with Ethan Banville, he created the Netflix series. Atomic Cartoons and Netflix Liveliness collaborated on the project.

Micky is allowed to surf once more as the season comes to a close, but the tattooed man who has been present throughout season 1 observes from a distance as the credits roll.

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The adventures of a crocodile named Max, his closest friend James (a fictionalised version of Rallison), and a time-jumper named Reverberation are followed in the film Oddballs, which is set in the made-up town of Soil, Arizona.

If you’ve already seen the first 12 episodes of Oddballs’ most memorable season, you might be wondering if Netflix has any intentions for a second season. Here is what we do know about the show’s prospective future even if we don’t have a lot of information.

Name Oddballs
Season 2
IMDb Rating Rating 6.4/10
Type of Content TV Series
Content Rating U
Category Entertainment
Language of Web Series English
Genre Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Release Date of  Oddballs Season 2 

Sometimes, like with The Cuphead Show, Netflix will order a large number of episodes for popular shows before splitting those original requests over several seasons. Impasse: Paranormal Park is another example, but it doesn’t seem to apply to Oddballs. The second season of Oddballs will be released on February 24th, according to the trailer.

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In any event, given the first season ends on a cliffhanger, the writers likely believed they had a decent chance of being renewed. Within the next few months, ideally before the end of the year, we should know for sure what will happen with Oddballs season 2.

Trailer of  Oddballs Season 2 

The official trailer of Oddballs Season 2 has been released by the creators. You’ll have a look at it.

The Evolution Of Oddballs

Rallison started his profession in June 2012 by drawing amusing cartoons for his Tumblr blog that featured marshmallow-moulded people.

Rallison ended up using this creative and imaginative strategy as a vehicle to bring forward not only his own divergent opinions about certain subjects but also to outwardly portray captivating stories from his life as a child by incorporating that equivalent dynamic symbolism later on for his YouTube career.

Rallison’s YouTube channel, TheOdd1sOut, detonated in development, jumping from 100,000 supporters to 1,000,000 after four years and a very constrained four months. The number of supporters for his movement-themed channel climbed 10 times within three years after that equal milestone, hitting ten million.

It wasn’t surprising that Hollywood soon knocked on his door after amassing such a sizable following in such a brief and significant period of time. In a video posted to his YouTube page in June 2022, Rallison announced that his animated characters would soon appear in their own animated Netflix series called Oddballs.

oddballs season 2 release date

Viewers would follow the characters of James the marshmallow-moulded character, his crocodile companion Max, and the guy who travels through time in the show, which would be an expansion of the projects already announced on the streaming platform. Reverberation warns the two of them of a time in the future when eating will no longer be enjoyable.


Both dedicated fans of Rallison’s work on YouTube and casual Netflix viewers are speculating about the likelihood of a second season of Oddballs given the way the stormy and vibrant condensed episodes all lead to an illogical yet intriguing season one suspense.

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