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Here's everything you need to know about Christopher Marlowe.

Veteran actor Liam Neeson returns for the 100th film of his illustrious career, this time as a film noir detective. We’ve got the femme fatales, the shady criminal cases, the visually stunning 1930s Los Angeles setting, and, of course, Neeson as the detective with a big job. We can see the actor slowing down and taking a break from forgettable modern-day action films for something that will put his acting skills to the test once more. Rest assured, the latest trailer released online has all of us intrigued enough to go see the film when it hits theatres. So keep reading to find out everything we know about the upcoming film Marlowe.

Marlowe Release Date

On September 24, 2022, Marlowe had its international premiere as the closing feature of the 70th San Sebastián International Film Festival. It was supposed to be released on December 2, 2022, in the United States, but it was pushed back to February 15, 2023.

Marlowe Release Date

Marlowe Plot

Raymond Chandler, a novelist, and screenwriter created the fictional detective Philip Marlowe from the hardboiled crime genre. However, the plot of this film is based on John Banville’s novel The Black-Eyed Blonde. The following is the official synopsis for the film:

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Marlowe, a gripping noir crime thriller set in late 1930’s Los Angeles, centers around a street-wise, down on his luck detective; Philip Marlowe, played by Liam Neeson, who is hired to find the ex-lover of a glamorous heiress, daughter of a well-known movie star. The disappearance unearths a web of lies, and soon Marlowe is involved in a dangerous, deadly investigation where everyone involved has something to hide.

Marlowe Cast

We are unable to provide you with the complete cast list of the film as of yet. However, according to reports, the following is the potential cast of the film. Examine it.

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  • Philip Marlowe is played by Liam Neeson.
  • Clare Cavendish is played by Diane Kruger.
  • Dorothy Cavendish is played by Jessica Lange.
  • Cedric is played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.
  • Lou Hendricks is played by Alan Cumming.
  • Floyd Hanson is played by Danny Huston.
  • Joe Green is played by Ian Hart.
  • Bernie Ohls is played by Colm Meaney.
  • Lynn Peterson is played by Daniela Melchior.
  • Nico Peterson is played by François Arnaud.
  • Amanda Toxteh is played by Seána Kerslake.
  • Richard Cavendish is played by Patrick Muldoon.
  • López is played by Jose Manuel Maciá.

Marlowe Trailer

Here is the official trailer for Marlowe. You can see it below.

Where is Marlowe Shot?

Marlowe’s principal photography began in November 2021 and lasted two months, with production taking place in Barcelona and Dublin.

Marlowe Release Date

What Was Marlowe Famous for?

Christopher Marlowe was an Elizabethan poet and William Shakespeare’s most important predecessor in English drama. He is best known for popularising dramatic blank verse.

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Marlowe’s achievements were diverse and splendid in a playwriting career that lasted just over six years.


In the 100th film of his illustrious career, Liam Neeson will play Philip Marlowe. The novel The Black-Eyed Blonde by John Banville inspired the film. It was supposed to be released in December 2022, but it was pushed back to February 2023. Christopher Marlowe was an Elizabethan poet who came before William Shakespeare. Production will begin in November 2021 in Barcelona and Dublin.

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