Love to Hate You Season 2 Be Released or Not? Check the Renewal Status!

Here is everything we currently know about Love to Hate You Season 2


On February 10, Netflix released the Korean romantic comedy Love to Hate You, and many viewers immediately turned in to see what it was about. Most viewers have finished the first season of the show because it has been on the air for a long and are now interested in a second season. Well, you’ve found the perfect spot because we covered all the details regarding a prospective Love to Hate You season 2 here.

Love to Hate You, a South Korean Netflix original film with scripts by Choi Soo-young, is directed by Kim Jeong-Kwon. The series was additionally created by Bingo Works.

It portrays the love story of an A-list actor in Korea who distrusts women and a young lawyer who isn’t interested in dating and hates losing to men. The two understand there is a fine line between love and hate, though, as they are made to date one another and begin to develop a romantic attraction.

The outstanding cast includes Go Won-hee (Shin Na-eun), Teo Yoo (Nam Kang-ho), Kim Ji-hun (Do Won-jun), and Kim Ok-vin (Yeo Mi-ran).

Name Love to Hate You
Season 1
IMDb Rating Rating 7.9/10
Type of Content TV Series
Content Rating TV-MA
Category Entertainment
Language of Web Series English
Genre Comedy, Romance

Release Date of Love to Hate You Season 2

The web drama Love To Hate You has not yet received a formal season 2 renewal as of this writing. One cannot anticipate the well-liked drama to be revived for a second season given its popularity and the way season 1 finished.

The program hasn’t officially received a second season renewal yet. Yet as many Netflix original K-dramas have more than one season, we may anticipate that Love To Hate You will be renewed for another.

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The developers of the online series have not yet made any formal statements regarding its renewal, but the K-drama may receive a second season renewal and premiere as early as 2024.

About Love To Hate You season 2 

One would reasonably anticipate the Netflix original Love To Hate You to be renewed for a new series given the abundance of Korean dramas that will release more than one season in 2023.

We can expect to see Mi-ran and Kang-ho continue to get closer to where we left them in Season 1. We may anticipate seeing how the couple handles their relationship after Kang-ho jokingly proposed to marry Mi-ran and Mi-ran rebuffed him.

A spin-off program featuring Na-eun and Won-jun as the primary leads is another possibility. The tale of Na-unfortunate eun’s experience dating con artists may also be revisited in the show. Another possibility is that the CEO Won-jun, who has been unmarried for years, may now start dating.

Cast of Love to Hate You Season 2

We can anticipate the entire cast to return if season 2 is renewed.

Main Cast

  • Kim Ok-vin as Yeo Mi-ran, a lawyer at Gilmu, an entertainment law firm.
  • Teo Yoo as Nam Kang-ho, Korea’s top actor.
  • Kim Ji-hoon as Do Won-jun, someone who gave up his dream of becoming an actor in order to start a management business and guided Nam Kang-ho’s career.
  • Go Won-hee as Shin Na-eun, Yeo Mi-ran’s housemate and close friend.

Love to Hate You Season 2 Release Date

Where To Watch Love to Hate You?

Netflix offers the program for streaming. You must have a Netflix subscription to see it. Why are you holding out? Come and watch.

Is Love to Hate You Worth Watching?

An emotional roller coaster is the theme of the Korean drama series Love to Hate You. A lawyer named Hee-jin and an actor named Cha Woo-jin, who don’t get along but are forced to date one another because of a contract, are the main focus of the story. You should consider viewing it if you’re curious to see how the two main characters develop their romantic relationship.

Trailer of Love to Hate You Season 2

Since there is no official trailer released for Love to Hate You Season 2 till now. So you’ll can have a look on trailer of Love to Hate You Season 1.


A South Korean television program called Love to Hate You made its Netflix debut on February 10, 2023. Love to Hate You Season 2 Release Date is something that fans are eagerly awaiting, but we don’t yet know when it will air because it hasn’t yet been renewed. When it will be renewed, we will let you know. Stay tuned.

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