Lift Release Date: is It Worth Watching Lift?

Here is everything you need to know about Lift.

Lift is a new Kevin Hart film that will be released shortly on the big screen. We can understand why people are enthusiastic about this upcoming flick! Fans are excited to see what Hart will star in next after watching his other Netflix film, Fatherhood.

Lift is part of Hart and his production firm HartBeat Productions’ creative engagement with Netflix. Hart struck a deal with Netflix in January 2021 to produce and appear in four films exclusively for the streaming service.

The next Netflix film is a comedy, which we all know is Hart’s forte. We can already anticipate that this film will be amusing, as have Hart’s previous roles. And this isn’t your typical comedy; it’s a heist comedy. It will be amazing to witness Kevin Hart try a heist.

If you want to learn more about Lift, we’ve provided you with every critical detail about this upcoming heist comedy film down below. So keep reading to learn more about the film’s release date, cast, synopsis, and other details.

What are the Lift Release Date Speculations?

The movie will be available on Netflix on Friday, August 25, 2023! On this date, it will be available on the streamer at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET, so mark your calendar and set your alarm.

What Will Be Lift Synopsis?

Although Netflix has not issued an official synopsis, we have a general idea of what this film will be about. The film’s logline was provided by Deadline:

Hart will play a master thief who is wooed by his ex-girlfriend and the FBI to pull off an impossible heist with his international crew on a 777 flying from London to Zurich.

lift Release Date

With an intriguing plot like the one described above, this film should be added to your must-see list when it is released! We’ll also share the official synopsis as soon as Netflix releases it. So keep an eye out.

In Lift, Who Can Be Seen?

The first cast member to be announced was Kevin Hart. More cast members were announced as the filmmaking process progressed.

Here’s the cast list below:

  • Kevin Hart
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Vincent D’Onofrio
  • Billy Magnussen
  • Úrsula Corberó
  • Yun Jee Kim
  • Viveik Kalra
  • Paul Anderson
  • Jacob Batalon
  • Jean Reno
  • Sam Worthington
  • Burn Gorman

Dan Kunka, Emerald Fennell, and Simon Kinberg wrote the script, which will be directed by F. Gary Gray. Genre Pictures, 6th & Idaho, and HartBeat Productions are behind it.

Lift Trailer

There is currently no trailer available for the lift.

lift Release Date

However, we will provide an update as soon as we receive the most recent information about the lift.

Is It Worth Watching Lift?

Brilliant cinematography and background music combine to make this a classy film. All of the actors did an excellent job. This film is incredibly fascinating and well worth seeing because of its good premise and content. And, of course, for its social message.

Where to Watch Lift?

You can watch the lift Movie on Netflix.


Lift is part of Hart and his production company HartBeat Productions’ Netflix deal. On August 25, 2023, the film will be released on Netflix. It will be a comedy, as we all know is Hart’s specialty. This is not your average comedy; it is a heist comedy.

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