Lewis Hamilton Net Worth: Is He Really Dating Shakira?


Lewis Hamilton, A British Formula One racing driver recently made headlines when he was spotted having some fun times with the Colombian singer Shakira.

Everyone wants to know about Lewis Hamilton, Who he is, what his career looks like, including his net worth as well.Today, in this article, we are going to tell you about all these things related to Lewis Hamilton. So let’s get started.

Who is Lewis Hamilton?

British racing driver Lewis Hamilton presently rides for Mercedes in Formula One. Hamilton has set multiple records in Formula One, including most victories, most pole positions, most podium finishes, and most World Drivers’ Championship championships won simultaneously (seven).

What is the Net Worth of Lewis Hamilton?

Despite this, Hamilton is still a ways off from breaking into the top 10 highest-paid athletes in the world, despite his projected overall net worth of $285 million.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

After 16 years at the top of motorsport, Hamilton is rewarded with an annual salary of $55 million. His current club, Mercedes, signed him to one of his largest contracts in 2015. This contract is one of the highest paid deals in Formula One history, lasting three years and worth a total of $140 million.

Early Years of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis-Carl Davidson Hamilton was born January 7, 1985, in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. Carmen is white and Anthony is black. Black Hamilton self-identifies. He lived with his mother and half-sisters until he was 12. Hamilton joined his father, stepmother, and half-brother Nicolas.

Five-year-old Hamilton started karate for self-defence. Bullied in school. His parents bought him a radio-controlled automobile at six. The following year, Hamilton finished second at the British Radio Car Association championship. 

His parents gave him a go-kart for Christmas at six. As long as his kid studied hard and stayed in school, Anthony Hamilton would support his racing career. Hertfordshire’s Catholic John Henry Newman School educated Lewis. He played soccer in school too. Cambridge Arts and Sciences accepted him in early 2001.

Career Journey of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton races in an “intense” manner. He frequently manages to get the best out of his car and activate it to its limits. Hamilton is one of the best F1 drivers the sport has ever seen in every facet. Lewis is capable of finding pace in whatever track conditions during qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton’s utilisation in Formula One attest to his status as one of the sport’s finest drivers. With countless records to his name, it is tough to compare his driver profile to those of historical greats such as Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, and Juan Manuel Fangio.

Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton is still a contentious figure among Formula One fans. Many people have found reasons to criticize Hamilton, whether it’s his lavish lifestyle or bigotry. Lewis’ supremacy in the Turbo-Hybrid era has also been criticized from a sporting standpoint. Regardless, Hamilton has remained humble and open to fans while increasing his winning streak, which ended in the 2022 season.

Hamilton’s helmet was primarily yellow, with green or blue stripes. As he improved in F1, he began to wear white and red stripes. Lewis has affixed a star to his helmet with each world victory. 

During his four-title winning streak, he changed his helmet design to a purple and black color pattern. But in 2022, Lewis “went back to his roots” to restore his lid’s yellowish color scheme.

Brand Endorsements of Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton makes a lot of money from endorsements. He is a brand ambassador for a variety of companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, Mercedes-Benz, and Puma. 

With his partnership with Mercedes, it was only natural for Hamilton to begin endorsing the Silver Arrows vehicles. Aside from them, other Mercedes F1 team partners have Lewis as their major celebrity endorser. In 2018, Hamilton and Tommy Hilfiger collaborated on a clothing line named #TommyXLewis.

Similarly, Lewis has collaborated with companies such as Petronas, IWC, Monster Energy, Sony, and Bose. Mercedes F1 is also a partner of IWC, Petronas, and IWC. Aside from them, firms including Bell Helmets, MV Agusta Motorcycles, and Grand Turismo Sport have benefited from Hamilton’s enormous popularity.

Personal Life of Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger is one of the well-known names associated with Hamilton. Danielle Lloyd is another model Lewis dated in his youth. Following that, Hamilton was said to be dating Rita Ora. While they did not declare their relationship, they spent a lot of time together in 2016-17.

Shakira, a Colombian singer and pop icon, enjoys being in Lewis’ company. They not only got close during the Miami Grand Prix last month, but they also ended up in the ocean together. We have no idea if they are dating or not. But they look great together.


Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking success in Formula One has undoubtedly resulted in substantial financial benefits, placing him among the world’s highest-earning athletes.

He has a staggering net worth of $285 million. Lewis obtains this money through his career, which includes brand sponsorships.Lewis is not married, to be sure. However, in past years, he had a number of relationships. He was most recently seen with singer and musical queen Shakira.

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