Is Kissable Lips Season 2 Coming or Not on Rakuten Viki? Latest Updates!

Rakuten Viki has been airing a popular show as of late that has received high ratings. The title of the program is Kissable Lips. There are a few people who are interested in finding out when Kissable Lips Season 2 will be available to watch online.

They are doing this by looking at a variety of websites in order to determine when the second season will be made available online. Even after searching on a variety of websites, many of them are unable to find any authentic content associated with this topic.

You have, fortunately, made it to the right place, since this is where we will be talking about the upcoming second season of Kissable Lips. Check out this article for a comprehensive analysis if that’s what you’re searching for.

Kissable Lips Season 2 Release Date

It is a Korean drama called Kissable Lips, and it is a relatively brief series consisting of eight episodes that were broadcast between February 3 and February 25, 2022. It’s a drama about a human and a vampire falling in love with each other.

Kissable Lips Season 2

It would appear that a lot of people enjoy watching this series as it received a rating of 8.8 out of 10 on Rakuten Viki, 7.2 out of 10 on MyDramaList, and 6.6 out of 10 on IMDb.

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Since there has not been any news regarding the cancellation of the show or an update for a new addition to the show, people seemed to love the show, so a season might be possible, but at the same time, there has not been any official statement made about the second season of Kissable Lips.

Kissable Lips Season 2 Cast

Incredible performances by all of the cast members in the first season, combined with beautiful photography and outstanding acting, contributed to a fantastic viewing experience. Since Kim Ji Woong portrayed the role of Jun Ho, the vampire, and since he is the primary character, it is possible that he may be brought back for the much anticipated second season.

Yoo Seo Bin portrayed the role of an ordinary student named Min-Hyun, and it is possible that he will also make a return appearance in the drama. The plot of the show centers on the characters played by Kim Ji Woong and Yoo Seo Bin. Watching the show’s new cast members will be an additional pleasure.

Kissable Lips Season 2 Plot

Season one’s story revolves around Jun Ho, a vampire who is suffering from a disease and is on the verge of dying. In order to heal himself, he requires the blood of a human, but not just any blood, but a ‘pure blood.’ Jun Ho discovers that one of his classmates, who is a human, possesses that ‘pure blood.’

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Min-Hyun was the guy Jun Ho was looking for, so he began paying attention to him, and because Jun Ho is the most popular guy in his school, Min-Hyun is overjoyed with all the attention.

They both get closer to each other and fall in love, but Jun Ho was only close to Min-Hyu so he could take his blood to treat himself; now that they are both in love, Jun Ho cannot bring himself to use the love of his life for his own needs.

Kissable Lips Season 2

Min-brother Hyun’s is protective of Min-Hyun and does not appreciate the closeness of Jun Ho and Min-Hyun, therefore Min-Hyun clashes with his brother so that he can spend his alone time with Jun Ho.

On the one hand, Min-Hyun is truly in love with Jun Ho and is unaware that Jun Ho used him in the first place; on the other hand, Jun Ho’s health is deteriorating day by day, but he does not want to use Min-Hyun because he loves him now, and using Min-blood Hyun’s to help Jun Ho’s health can harm Min-health. Hyun’s

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Will Min-Hyun ever learn the truth about their relationship? and if he will find out how he will react? Will he be able to save Jun Ho’s life? Is Jun Ho going to forget about love in order to preserve himself, or will he die in order not to hurt Min-Hyun?

These are the only questions that fans of Kissable Lips have, and the answers are still to be discovered in Season 2 of Kissable Lips. Fans of the drama are eager to find out where Jun Ho and Min-love Hyun will lead them.

So, if a second season is conceivable, the answers to all of these concerns will be exciting to learn, and fans would want to see the original cast as well as new characters in Kissable Lips 2.

Where To Watch Kissable Lips Season 2?

It is possible to watch the series on Rakuten Viki and DramaCool from any location in the world; hence, if there is a second season of Kissable Lips, it will most likely be available on the same streaming platforms as the first.

Kissable Lips Season 2 Trailer

The Kissable Lips Of Season 2 trailer has yet to be released. However, do return to our website frequently as we will continue to keep you updated on any new information surrounding the upcoming Season, Kissable Lips. If it becomes released, it will be available on Rakuten Viki.

You can watch the season 1 trailer while you wait for the season 2 trailer. The Lips Of Season 1 trailer is included below.

Final Words

Rakuten Viki has been showing a popular show with great ratings. Kissable Lips is a love story between a human and a vampire. The show debuted on February 3, and there has been no word about its cancellation since then. Kissable Lips’ latest cast members are Kim Ji Woong and Yoo Seo Bin. The plot of the show revolves around Jun Ho, a vampire who is afflicted with an illness.

He requires human blood, not just any blood, but ‘pure blood.’ If a second season is released, it will very certainly be available on the same streaming services as the first. Season 2’s Kissable Lips trailer has yet to be released. The series may be viewed on Rakuten Viki and DramaCool from anywhere in the world.

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