Kanye West Says That Chris Paul Had an Affair With Kim Kardashian, and He Makes This Accusation

You never know what you’re going to get with Kanye West, especially on social media. Kanye West unleashed a shocking disclosure on Thursday night, accusing Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul of having an affair with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye basically appeared out of nowhere with that tweet, which no one anticipated coming.

According to Ben Goggin of NBC News, Kanye’s tweet occurred on the same day that he trended heavily on Twitter for his lengthy interview with Alex Jones in which he glorified Adolf Hitler and made antisemitic jokes.

“During an hour-long conversation with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, rapper Ye glorified Hitler, made anti-Semitic comments, and discussed his recent encounter with former President Donald Trump.” The interview quickly became one of the most popular stories on the internet, dominating social media discussions for hours.

“Kanye” became the top trending subject on Twitter, while searches for “Infowars” increased during the interview, according to Google Trends.”

A brief look at Kanye’s recent tweeting activity reveals a slew of postings in rapid succession, spanning a wide range of his personal opinions as well as his surprising comment regarding the Suns player.

Given the people involved and Kanye’s outspoken character, his charge against Chris Paul will undoubtedly elicit a flood of internet replies.

Needless to say, all eyes will be on Chris Paul and what he has to say about this if he decides to say anything at all. Paul is now out with a heel injury that is keeping him from playing.

Since 2011, Paul has been married to his college girlfriend Jada Crawley. Chris Jr., a thirteen-year-old son, and Camryn, a nine-year-old daughter, are the couple’s children. Kim and Kanye began dating in 2011. On April 22, 2012, she was photographed with Paul at a Jeep Brand and USA Basketball event in Los Angeles.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finalized their divorce on Tuesday in Los Angeles, according to Fox News Digital. The reality star will receive $200,000 per month in child support payments from her ex-husband for their four children, according to court filings.

The former couple consented to joint custody, and West will be responsible for the monthly support expenses beginning December 1. Kardashian and West have a prenuptial agreement in place and agreed to “split all assets and liabilities” from their six-year marriage.

Kardashian filed the dissolution of marriage judgment on February 19, 2021. After six years of marriage, Kardashian and Ye divorced on December 26, 2020.

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