K-Drama Behind Every Star Release Date, Time and Where to Watch

In this post, we will discuss one more romantic k-drama Netflix series. We also discuss the release date and timing of Behind Every Star, episode 9. This is an ongoing series on Netflix. The series has a total of 12 episodes, and each episode is aired on Netflix.

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Behind Every Star” is a Korean romantic-drama television series directed by Baek Seung-ryong and starring Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young, Seo Hyun-woo, Joo Hyun-woo, and other actors. The series is a remake of the 2015 French series Dix pour cent and replaces Mental Coach Jegal on tvN’s Monday-Tuesday 10:30 PM KST time slot.

Focusing on the many workers of the management business Method Entertainment, the series explores how work is conducted in such a competitive industry. What happens when you must deal with several stars and their plethora of tantrums, especially if you want to climb the ladder rapidly?

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Will everyone be able to complete their tasks without conflict? Or will the stress and drama at work be too much?

Behind Every Star Plot and Story

Netflix defines the series as follows: “Agents at a talent management business deal with complex characters and office politics while helping their star clients shine.”

Behind Every Star Main Cast

The star-studded cast of the series includes Lee Seo-jin, Kwak Sun-young, Seo Hyun-woo, Joo Hyun-young, Shim So-young, Kim Guk-hee, and Kim Tae-oh.

How many episodes in behind every star Season 1?

The Korean drama Behind every star series has 12 episodes, and every Monday and Tuesday, two new episodes come out.

Behind Every Star Episode 9 Confirmed Release Date and Time

The series will be available to watch online from November 7 to December 3, 2022. Episode 9 will arrive out on December 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST, which is about 8:30 p.m.

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Hae-jun will have trouble if he goes up against Myung-aeh because he is often called a “megalomaniac.” The managers work together to stand up to him, but will this be enough to get rid of him?

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Hae-jun wants to make a big change in the company, so he pays the managers 10 million won to steal a big celebrity away from them. He also gets rid of a key person in the company by using Hyun-joo, which surprises her.

Where to watch

If you enjoy Korean drama series, you should be aware of where you can watch Behind Every Star. You can watch this series on Netflix if you have a Netflix premium plan.

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Final Words

Hello, we discussed another upcoming K-drama Episode release date above. This K-drama season Episode is coming in December, and Netflix has set the release date of “Behind Every Star Episode 9” for December 07, 2022. We also talked about the season’s cast, episode schedule, and other details above.

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