Is There a Wedding Season on Disney+? Should You Watch It!

Everything you need to know about Wedding Season may be found right here.

When it comes to dark comedy, Disney+ is having a real moment. Following in the footsteps of Fresh, the streaming service’s wonderfully gory thriller starring Normal People’s Daisy Edgar-Jones, Wedding Season is a disorienting blend of comedy and action.

The show begins on a mystery cliffhanger, with a spectacular mass murder and the poisoning of seven wedding guests, and things only grow wilder from there.

The new series is penned by rising star Oliver Lyttelton and produced by the team behind BBC’s The Responder, Dancing Ledge (Cheaters). George Kane (Crashing) and Laura Scrivano direct (The Lazarus Project). Here’s what more we know so far.

OTT Wedding Season Series Release Date

The series’ creators have finally revealed a release date. The eight-episode series, produced by Jax Media and Disney Ledge Productions, will air on Hulu in the United States and Disney Plus internationally on September 8, 2022. On the same day, entertainment fans in India may watch the show on Disney Plus Hotstar.

What is the Plot of  Wedding Season?

Asha Maurya is a talented and idealistic economist who is focused on her job and tired of her family’s pressure to marry. Asha welcomes a break from her overbearing mother’s pestering as she plans to create a microlending program for women in Southeast Asia. After unwillingly going on a date with local bachelor Ravi Shah, she convinces him that they’re in a relationship.

Wedding Season

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Meanwhile, Ravi attempts to earn his father’s respect and thinks that a promising relationship, even if only a veneer, will make things better. Asha and Ravi don’t get along at first, which is why they’re convinced their plan will succeed — until they start falling for each other.

Who is the Cast of Wedding Season?

Katie is played by American-Canadian actress Rosa Salazar. She is best recognized for her work in the NBC sitcom Parenthood and the FX anthology series American Horror Story: Murder House. Her best role is that of Lisa Nova in the horror drama series Brand New Cherry Flavour.


Wedding Season

In the show, Gavin Drea plays Katie’s love interest, Stefan. It also stars George Webster as Hugo Delaney, Jade Harrison as DCI Metts, Jamie Michie as DI Donahue, and Ivan Kaye as Mr. Delaney. Callie Cooke, Bhav Joshi, Ioanna Kimbrook, and Omar Baroud also have key roles in the series.

Trailer for the Wedding Season

The Wedding Season series trailer is officially out. The genre-bending story follows Katie and Stefen, two lovers who meet at a wedding just before Katie’s own wedding to someone else. Katie’s husband and his family are murdered two months later, at her wedding.

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The police believe Stefen did it, while Stefen believes Katie did it, and no one knows who the true murderer is. The series is an action-packed romp around the United Kingdom and the United States as Katie and Stefen flee to defend their innocence.

Is It Worth Watching Wedding Season?

Wedding Season faithfully follows all genre standards, and the payoff is on the entertaining side. It’s just what the doctor prescribed, especially after watching a show in which a nightmare serial killer squelches through the eyeballs of his victims.

Is There a Happy Finish to Wedding Season?

Although Asha and Ravi marry at the end of the Wedding Season, their wedding is never televised. Instead, we’ll show a montage of their new life together and their developing connection.

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The mismatched couple began to fall for each other while attending 14 weddings and putting on the act of a real couple.

Is Wedding Season Suitable for Children?

There is no sex or violence, limited swearing, and some scenes of social drinking, thus the PG classification is suitable. If you enjoy rom-coms and are searching for something pleasant and pure, this is the film for you.

Is Wedding Season Based on a True Story?

No, Wedding Season is not based on any true events. There is no real-life Stefan or Katie, who became murder suspects after an entire wedding party was poisoned on the day of the groom’s wedding, and no real-life Delaney family.


OTT Wedding Season Series Release Date. The eight-episode series, produced by Jax Media and Disney Ledge Productions, will air on Hulu in the U.S. and Disney Plus internationally on September 8, 2022. It also stars American Horror Story: Murder House actress Rosa Salazar. ‘Wedding Season’ follows Katie and Stefen, two lovers who meet at a wedding.

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