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Kill Bill movie since he first started making the movie, director Quentin Tarantino has been mulling over the idea of filming a third instalment. The director has frequently mentioned Kill Bill: Vol. 3 in interviews over the past 20 years, and many people now think that it might be his mysterious 10th and final movie.
Uma Thurman gave an outstanding performance as The Bride in the revenge movie Kill Bill: Vol. 1, which was released in 2003 and was inspired by samurai and yakuza films with a dash of spaghetti westerns. In 2004, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 was released to critical and commercial acclaim. After failing to kill the remaining members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, The Bride made the unexpected discovery that her daughter B.B., who she believed had died after being shot in the head at her wedding, is actually alive and was raised by Bill (played by the late great David Carradine). In the end, The Bride murder Bill before running away to start over with B.B. This occurred 18 years ago.

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Even though Kill Bill: Vol. 2 basically wrapped up The Bride’s journey, Tarantino has frequently mentioned the idea of a third movie. There is a tonne of information that says that Kill Bill: Vol. 3 is occurring and what it would look like, negotiations about it are still ongoing, and time is running out as Tarantino approaches his 60s and prepares to produce his final movie.

Name of the series Kill Bill
Season 3
IMDb Rating Rating 8.0/10
Type of Content Film
Content Rating A
Category Entertainment
Language of TV Series English
Genre Crime, Action, Thriller

Release Date of Kill Bill Vol. 3

The possibility of a third Kill Bill movie was recently discussed by Uma Thurman, who disappointed people by saying, “I don’t see it as immediately on the horizon”. However, Tarantino hasn’t formally decided on a name for his tenth and final movie, so Kill Bill is still an option. However, as it can be included in the single title of Kill Bill, a third volume doesn’t necessarily guarantee it will be the director’s final work. So who knows, if not soon, maybe in 2050 we’ll witness an octogenarian Tarantino and Thurman revisiting The Bride story.

Kill Bill Vol. 3 Release Date

Cast of Kill Bill Vol. 3

Maya Hawke, who has gained fame as a model, singer, and actress, is the ideal actor in mind by Quentin Tarantino to play The Bride’s daughter if Kill Bill: Vol. 3 shows up. She is the daughter of Uma Thurman. She is best known for her role as Robin Buckley in the Netflix series Stranger Things, but she also excelled in the recent movies Do Revenge, Fear Street Part One, Italian Studies, Little Women, and Fear Street Part Two.

Hawke has expressed interest in joining the cast of Kill Bill: Vol. 3, Tarantino (as previously mentioned) adores the concept, and fans have endlessly Photoshopped and hypothesised about the casting. When she told NME that she wanted Zendaya to play Vernita Green’s kid (assuming Ambrosia Kelley didn’t return; she hasn’t acted in any projects since 2012 and has probably given acting up to pursue a real life), Vivica Fox sparked additional Kill Bill: Vol. 3 rumours. Vivica Fox has expressed interest in coming back in some way, likely via flashback.

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Otherwise, Kill Bill: Vol. 3 will probably have a new cast, with the possible exception of Thurman, who will undoubtedly return in the role, and some of Tarantino’s characters from his peculiar little cinematic universe.

Plot of Kill Bill Vol. 3

There are some hints that the revenge tale of the sword-wielding Bride, going back to the first movie, may have a third chapter. In Kill Bill: Vol. 1, The Bride murders Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) in front of her daughter Nikki Bell (Ambrosia Kelley), inviting her to seek retribution, which begs for loose ends to be tied up. It was not my aim to do this in front of you, as The Bride explains. Sorry about that. You may believe me when I say that your mother had it coming, though. I’ll be waiting for you when you’re an adult if you still have feelings about it.

Kill Bill Vol. 3 Release Date
It’s a great time to fight, especially if an older Bride is involved, because Nikki Bell and The Bride’s daughter, B.B. Kiddo (Perla Haney-Jardine), are now in their 20s and getting close to 30. Who knows, this might be renamed Kill Bell. In a lengthy interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2004, Tarantino discussed this plot.

Trailer of Kill Bill Vol. 3

Since there has been no confirmation regarding the Kill Bill Vol. 3. Till then you can have look on Trailer of previous Vol. of Kill Bill.


While nothing is confirmed yet. The renewal of the new Volume is still pending. But many experts believe that the new part will be announced soon. Viewers can expect the upcoming movie nearly in future soon. 

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