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Infiesto is a movie about a young woman who had been missing for months suddenly turns up in a small mining village in the Asturian mountains, leading two detectives to wonder what evil powers might be at play.

Name of the series Infiesto
Part 1
IMDb Rating Rating 5.6/10
Type of Content Movie
Content Rating TV-MA
Studio Netflix
Language of Web Series Spanish
Genre Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director Patxi Amezcua
Producer Emma Lustres
Writer Patxi Amezcua


What You Need to Know About Infiesto

Infiesto, which translates to “plague” in Spanish, follows two police investigators as they attempt to locate a serial kidnapping and murderer before more victims are attacked. People should be aware of this. When the epidemic first breaks out and the nation is put on lockdown, the action takes place in a wet, dark, and gloomy Spanish village. COVID, bullets, suicide, and ritual killings are all causes of death.

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To get a suspect to confess to another murderer, he is severely abused and shot in the leg. “F—k,” “s—t,” “ass,” “hell,” “damn,” “bastard,” “get banged,” “bitch,” and “balls” are among the words used in language. The crimes may have sexual undertones, according to references. Someone mentions a “hippie” cult whose members indulged in marijuana use. Illegal growing of marijuana is discovered by a suspect.

Storyline of Infiesto

Iria del Rio and Isak Ferriz play detectives Castro and Garcia, two regular police officers who come into a kidnapping/murder case that grows more urgent as they try to save possible new victims. The early stages of the pandemic, when hospitals were overrun and Spain first went into lockdown, are shown in INFIESTO. Everyone is flying blind and there are no vaccines or cures, an accurate metaphor for the detectives’ probe.

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After escaping her kidnapper-torturer, a bruised, barefoot juvenile girl is discovered. Soon after, a pattern of missing youths appears, and this leads the police to a group of psychotic ritual murders who follow the equinox calendar. It’s getting close to spring, so time is important. The investigators balance the need to solve the crime with concern for family members who have been placed in COVID isolation by breaking the law, working while on leave, ignoring quarantine, and torturing a suspect.


Is It Worth the Watch?

Infiesto is fascinating if the somewhat cliched, creepy, unsettling serial killer narrative that, like others in the subgenre, combines elements of a police procedural with those of a horror film. Thunder cries out pessimism, dread, and unavoidable terror in the background as the settings, locales, costumes, and faces are all variants of the same gray-green color scheme. Calculated decisions were made to produce a sort of digitally enhanced version of cinema dark, complete with dread and the threat of destruction.

The procedural portion is strangely disorganized; the detectives carelessly walk through one crime scene after another without a forensic glove in sight, as if the pandemic has transported us to noir’s nostalgic post-war age. In the final 10 minutes, a police officer exhibits a level of absurdity that no rational officer would ever display. The mantra, “This is just the beginning,” is heard no matter what the authorities do to clear the world of psychopaths who commit murder. And that term seems to allude to a terrible and unavoidable conclusion for each and every one of us. The early stages of a pandemic are spreading as we are drawn into the world of cults and old Ancient beliefs about the end of the world.
24/7, people are passing away. There may be a link between the two, according to the movie.

Trailer of Infiesto

The trailer of Infiesto has been released 3 weeks before. You can have a look at it.


The movie Infiesto has been released on the platform Netflix  globally on 3 February 2023. Let’s see if the detectives succeed in their mission to find out what exactly has been going on in the small mining village.

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