In the First Mafia Mamma Trailer, Toni Colette Plays Godfather, Who Makes Muffins

Even for the apples that land closest to the parent tree, it is not an easy task to carry on a family tradition. What, then, becomes of the apples that were never exposed to the tree in any way? Toni Collette stars in the new action comedy Mafia Mamma, which was directed by Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight.

Collette plays the role of Kirsten, a suburban American mother who finds herself at the helm of her family’s Mafia firm after the death of her emotionally distant grandfather.

Of course, it’s not that the persona that Collette has created isn’t up to the challenge at hand. The only problem is that she has never even spoken to her grandfather, and she had no clue that anyone in her family was involved in the Mafia, to begin with.

Collette’s transformation from a mild-mannered mourning visitor to a full-fledged, well, Mafia Mamma is presented in its entirety in the first teaser for the Bleecker Street project, which was released today.

Collette’s performance as the firm’s weary but loyal consigliere Bianca, which she shares the screen with a pitch-perfect Monica Belucci, is certainly one of the reasons why the misadventures of her newly-minted mafia boss come across as endearing.

In addition, it is not all chaos and misfortune; for every explosion she manages to stumble away from, there is a hostage situation to which she remembers to bring muffins. Not only has nepotism and organized violence never appeared to be so clumsy, but it also does not appear that they have ever tasted as buttery and sweet.

Collette, along with Christopher Simon and Amanda Sthers, contributed to the production of Mafia Mamma. In addition to her role as a lead actress in the film, Collette was also involved in its production. She praised the picture as “pure, fish out of water fun with a robust feminist backbone” in a statement that was released in 2021.

Michael J. Feldman and Debbie Jhoon are responsible for writing the script, while the rest of the cast includes Giulio Corso, Francesco Mastroianni, Alfonso Perugini, Sophia Nomvete, Eduardo Scarpetta, Tim Daish, and Tommy Rodger.

On April 14, 2023, audiences will be able to see Mafia Mamma in theaters.

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