Immoral Guild: is It About to Get Renewed?

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Immoral Guild, just like many other comedies, is filled with fanservice and old erotic themes that do more to advance the anime’s story than its actual plot. Winter 2022 added Immoral Guild, an anime adaptation of Taichi Kawazoe’s manga.

Name Immoral Guild
Season 2
IMDb Rating Rating 6.2/10
Type of Content TV Series
Content Rating TV-MA
Category Entertainment
Language of Web Series English, Japanese
Genre Animation, Comedy, Fantasy

The hunter Kikuru Madan, who started his training at an early age and is one of the most experienced guards in the neighbourhood guild of Mebuki, is the protagonist of the story. Madan believes his prime years of youth were wasted, despite his high reputation, and he intends to live out the rest of his days as an ordinary guy. Like his peers, he longs to attend college, experience campus life, and perhaps find love. However, because of his guilt for leaving the guild, Madan is unable to make this important decision. The guilds’ receptionist, Enome, assigns Kikuru four recruits, Hitamu “Hitamuki,” the vivacious beast woman Kyan, the genius Maidena Ange, the laid-back Toxico Dannar, and the steadfast Hanabata Nohkins, as he considers his retirement.

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Even though they all have special talents of their own, they all exhibit several strange traits that prevent them from succeeding Madan. The party faces yet another challenge as a result of the fact that monsters outside Mebuki’s wall are specifically targeting women. Regardless of his current situation, Madan is determined to retire early. The main conflict of the show is whether or not he can lead the recruits and say farewell to begin a completely new life.

Immoral Guild, like many ecchi comedies, is full of hackneyed erotic clichés and fanservice that ultimately move the anime along rather than the real plot.

Whether you liked the first season or not, some viewers are interested in knowing if there will be a second one. Scroll down to see the solution as we provide you with the most recent information and updates about Immoral Guild Season 2.

Release Date of Immoral Guild Season 2

On October 5, 2022, Immoral Guild Season 1 made its debut. As of this writing, 11 of the season’s 12 episodes have already been broadcast.

Immoral Guild Season 2 has not yet received a formal announcement or update from the show’s makers.

Plot of Immoral Guild Season 2

Since episode 11 missed Chapters 21, 22, and 23 from the fourth volume of the Immoral Guild manga, the animation has been most loyal to the source material.

With the introduction of Mishelly, a new character who sports a fox mask and bulky armour, the fan service was to be expected.

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As Mishelly didn’t appear in the first season, the characters might appear in season 2 of Immoral Guild. It also suggests that the writers didn’t enter the first season with the intention of returning.

immoral guild season 2

Cast of Immoral Guild Season 2

Kazuyuki Fudeyasu wrote the script for Takuya Asaoka’s anime series Immoral Guild. Ryo Shirasawa composed the music, and Hiraku Kaneko created the characters. Junji Goto serves as the chief animation director for TNK Studios’ animation productions.

The list of Immoral Guild anime characters and voice actors may be found below:

Kikuru Madan Katsumi Fukuhara
Hitamu Kyan Carin Isobe
Maidena Angers Ayano Shibuya
Enome Rumi Okubo
Noma Rune Saho Shirasu
Tokishikko Dana Yō Taichi
Hanabata Nohkins Yuna Kamakura
Eshune Yūyu Shōji
Clara Shikku Aoi Inase
Houns Stewart Hiroshi Yanaka
Resumisu Care Kozue Yūki
Senlik Testaile Takuya Nakashima

Trailer of Immoral Guild Season 2

Since there is no official trailer of Immoral Guild Season 2 till now. You can have a look on trailer of season 1 Immoral Guild.


Since Immoral Guild Season 2 has not yet been formally announced by creators or any other entity involved in the development of this series. So, till then we have to wait for the further information regarding the release of Immoral Guild  Season 2.

Here in the article, we have shared the latest updates with you. The rest upcoming information will soon be updated on this page. Stay tuned on for more updates. If you like this article, leave your valuable comments below. We value your thoughts.

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