How Did Leo Longevity Die? How Old Was He?


Rex Tso, sometimes known as Leo Rex, was a YouTuber and travel blogger. He was well-recognized for producing videos detailing his travels and time spent living in other nations. He was created in Los Angeles, California, on July 11, 1990.

When he started stand-up comedy at the age of 18, he immediately made a name for himself as one of the funniest comics in the area. He had a sizable social media following because of his more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers.

Laith Abdallah Algaz’s distinctive viewpoints on topics about men’s health, such as bodybuilding methods and nicotine usage, earned him the nickname “Leo Rex” among his fans.

Leo and Longevity, Algaz’s YouTube channel, has over 130,000 subscribers, and his videos often offer unique advice on how his audience can enhance their mental and physical health.

How Did Leo Longevity Die?

Leo Rex’s flat in Thailand was where his body was found. Leo Rex, the personality of the lifestyle YouTube channel Leo and Longevity, was discovered dead in a Pattaya flat, according to officials.

Leo, a member of the band Leo and Longevity, was found dead in a flat in Pattaya, Thailand, on January 30.

Charles Anthony Hughes, a friend of Algaz’s who had come to the house after trying in vain to get in touch with the YouTube celebrity, reportedly informed the authorities.

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According to reports, the YouTuber was found face down, bleeding from his nose and lips, with his left eye damaged. The Institute of Forensic Medicine has received Leo Rex’s body for an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death, according to the Pattaya Police.

The death’s cause was still a mystery at this point. A minor quantity of blood was on his mouth and nose when he was discovered by police; he had been dead for around five hours.

Leo Longevity Found Dead

Leo Rex, known for starting the YouTube channel Leo & Longevity, was found dead on January 30, 2023. The internet community has been shaken by shockwaves ever since YouTuber Leo Longevity, also known as Leo Rex, unexpectedly passed away.

Leo, who helped vacation vlogs and lifestyle films become more well-known, was found dead in his Thai flat. Laith Abdallah Algaz, a well-known YouTuber better known online as Leo Rex, was found dead in his Pattaya, Thailand, home on January 30, 2023.

His death’s circumstances are still a mystery. Charles Anthony Hughes, a friend of Leo’s, went in search of the expatriate after not receiving a response from him, and he discovered the dead.

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How Old Was Leo’s Longevity?

Algaz of Leo and Longevity passed away when he was 34 years old. Algaz resided in the Bang Lamung region of East Thailand and was originally from Colorado.

Local news sources claim that the YouTuber was well-known for being fairly reserved. Fans who have gathered to mourn the demise of the 34-year-old have paid respect to a recent Instagram post.

How Leo Rex Became a YouTuber?

Leo Longevity (age 34) was born in Colorado, America, on October 9, 1988. Although we discovered that he had Arabic ancestry, not much is known about his parents.

According to sources, Rex’s parents arrived in the country in the late 1970s. Algaz had a wealthy upbringing, acquired a decent education, and excelled in athletics.

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In 2020, Guru Ameen Alai inspired him to share his knowledge with people all around the world, and he started using YouTube to do so. He offered men health advice on a variety of subjects, including bodybuilding, P*rn, PEDs, insomnia, and vitamins.

His first successful viral video, “How to Make a Better Pen*s,” which he posted on December 19, 2021, garnered over 540k views and helped Leo’s YouTube channel to new heights.

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