Enola Holmes 3: Which Cast Members Will Return?

Here's all the information you need about Enola Holmes 3.

The second season of Enola Holmes on Netflix is now out, and Millie Bobby Brown is back as Sherlock’s little sister Enola.

In the sequel, which is based on the same-named mystery book series by Nancy Springer, Enola gets to work with her new detective agency, and Henry Cavill returns as Sherlock Holmes after the two cases he and Enola are working on end up being connected.

Name of the Series Enola Holmes
Season 3
IMBD Rating Rating 6.7/10 (Season 2)
Type of Content Web Series
Content Rating A
Category Entertainment
Language of Web Series English
Genre Mystery, Adventure, Crime Film

Even though the movie just came out on streaming, people are already talking about making a third one.

Well, at the end of Enola Holmes 2, there were some hints and teases of more adventures to come. One classic Holmes character was shown, and another made their first appearance in the credits scene.

But can we expect Brown to return to Netflix to solve another mystery? Who else from the cast would be back, and when would it be out? Find out all you need to know about Enola Holmes 3 by reading on.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t said anything about Enola Holmes 3, but given how well Enola Holmes 2 did, we expect it to happen soon.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

In September 2020, the first movie in the Enola Holmes series came out, and in November 2022, the second one did. In September 2024, the third movie in the series is set to come out.

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Enola Holmes 3 could be put on hold because Brown and Cavill will be working on Stranger Things season 5 and the new Superman movie, respectively.

Enola Holmes 3 Plot

Enola Holmes 2 wraps up the main mystery the same way the first movie did, and it doesn’t really leave us on a big cliffhanger to get us excited for the third movie.

In the last scenes of the movie, we see that Moriarty has broken out of jail, so we know she’ll be back in the third part to cause trouble. Dr. John Watson will now help Enola and Sherlock solve any mysteries that come up.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date

The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets,” the third book in the Enola Holmes series, can also be seen as a source of ideas for the movie. Can Enola solve her latest case and find a missing Dr. John Watson before her famous older brother, Sherlock? asks what the book is about.

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The adventures in Nancy Springer’s mystery series continue in these graphic novel adaptations. Due to their mother’s absence, Sherlock and Mycroft still don’t know where Enola is. They want to send her to boarding school.

Enola Holmes 3: Which Cast Members Will Return?

if Millie Bobby Brown didn’t play the title role, it wouldn’t be an Enola Holmes movie. Brown also produces the series, so if a third movie is made, she’ll be back on the case for sure.

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We don’t have a confirmed cast list yet, but here are the people we think will be back for a third Enola Holmes movie:

  • Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes
  • Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes
  • Louis Partridge as Viscount Tewkesbury
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes
  • Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade
  • Susan Wokoma as Edith
  • Himesh Patel as Dr. John Watson
  • Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Moriarty

Enola Holmes 3 Trailer

There isn’t yet a trailer for Enola Holmes 3, but we’ll make sure to keep this page up to date as soon as one is made. Up until now, you could watch the trailer for the last season.

Is the Movie Enola Good?

Enola Holmes is a family movie that does what it says it will do, but it does so in a mostly uninspired way. It’s a great showcase for Millie Bobby Brown, but if this new take on the Holmes name is to become a long-lasting part of the brand, it will need a much more memorable outing next time.

Is the Movie Enola Based on a Real Story?

Enola Holmes 2” also keeps the franchise’s focus on promoting and showing the fight for women’s rights: The movie is based on the real-life story of the Matchgirls Strike in 1888 and the legacy of labor activist Sarah Chapman.


The main mystery is solved in the same way as in the first movie. Netflix hasn’t said anything about a third season of Enola Holmes, but we think it will happen soon. In 2019 and 2024, Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown might be working on other projects.

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