REV LNG is the newest local developer of renewable energy

REV LNG is spreading its roots countrywide after partnering with Nixon Peabody to generate and supply renewable energy. The chief executive of REV LNG, David Kailbourne, and the senior executive of Nixon Peabody, Jared Lusk, agreed to this business collaboration last Wednesday in the Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC meeting. 

The CEO of REV LNG, Kalibourne, stated that the company has become versatile in offering energy services to consumers. Kalibourne added that they started supplying natural gas to customers who demanded it before they discovered a technique of neutralizing it to become renewable natural gas. The company joins other energy companies in the quest to provide clean energy. 

Kalibourne revealed that they have been interacting and trading with dairy farmers in Upstate New York. The company is currently developing infrastructure and the technology to retrieve the pollutive greenhouse gas emissions and convert them to eco-friendly energy products.  

Kalibourne explained that his company retrieves the poisonous gases coming from the dairy farms and convert them to natural gas for renewable consumption. The other gases are convertible to fuels for heavyweight vehicles and long-distance buses.  

Lusk emphasized that the deal came through between REV LNG and Nixon Peabody because the two executives were long-time friends. The two executives have discussed various issues in their professional fields and come to terms to explore what the other party is offering.

Kalibourne noted that REV LNG has been expanding due to the partnerships and the contracts that have come their way from the mega energy companies in the United States. The successful delivery of these projects has created an indisputable reputation for the company as an energy utility.

The company depended on the likes of Nixon Peabody and other stakeholders in the energy industry for intellectual, technical, and expert advice to propel their business to where it currently is. Nixon Peabody agreed to help REV LNG expand its market share and thrive alongside the mega energy companies. Lusk explained that most of the projects’ success relied on a dependable supply chain, a dedicated workforce, and the compliance of other stakeholders to ensure the agreements come to a successful end.

Kalibourne emphasized that they chose Rochester because it suitably notches with REV LNG for its projects to come to light. Kalibourne added that the town has the best network to major towns that they would like to conduct businesses together. In conclusion, Rochester can allow them to deploy their technology and work with the town’s employees. The town is a beehive of industrial activity that REV LNG hopes to expose to the world through its energy projects.