Peel launches fresh UK arm to raise the focus on renewables

Peel L&P‘s regeneration company has introduced a new subsidiary in the United Kingdom. It has increased its focus on its operations in the area of natural resources as well as energy production. Peel NRE blends the talents of the teams of Peel Environmental, Peel Energy, and Peel Water. Together, they strive to help accelerate the sustainable development agenda of the country, foster a circular economy as well as help accomplish regional climate emergency goals. The new division aims to obtain 300MW of new renewable power¬†from wind and solar over the next 5 years, drawing on the¬†Peel L&P’s twenty-year history of executing efficient energy projects.

This includes the introduction of plans for the Shetland Islands wind turbines in Mossy Hill and Beaw Field. A low-carbon power generation cluster is building its landmark Protos resource and energy center in Cheshire that occupies 54 hectares promoting manufacturing across local networks and being at the center of Net Zero North West manufacturing emission reduction project. The house of pioneering technologies to optimize the processing and reuse of plastic would also be Protos. Britain’s first plastic-to-hydrogen plant using technologies generated by Powerhouse Energy would be an important aspect of this.

With plans to build more facilities such as this around the nation, resulting in the supply of about 154 tons of renewable hydrogen development per day, equal to power 396,600 vehicles or have the capability to power 12,320 articulated HGVs a day. The previous month, Protos also applauded the opening of the 49MW Energy Recovery Facility at Covanta Energy, which will produce low-carbon electricity from a maximum of 400,000 tonnes of the non-recyclable waste. As executive director, Myles Kitcher, who has led Peel L&P Environmental for the past 14 years, will lead the new company. “Recent events around the globe have put much more focus on the necessity for us to check after our planet and find ways to fight climate change better, and the new Energy White Paper from the Government provides the sector with plenty of change and potential ahead,” Kitcher added.

“Peel NRE is also underway on a range of initiatives to help facilitate the clean development of the country and a circular economy wherein as many goods and services are reused and recycled for as long as necessary. We have many years of experience and will scale up our initiatives and joint activities to help the government pursue a green industrial transition and to assist local councils in meeting community climate emergency goals. Putting our areas of expertise together as one enterprise embraces our abilities, and with this, I trust we could do more, generate better results, and enhance productivity across the industry as well as in the north at a period when it’s needed greatly.”