Devs Season 2 Release Date: is It Worth Waiting for?

Everything we know about Devs Season 2


Devs is a sci-fi and drama television program. Techno-thriller is a genre of the Devs series. Devs Season 2 has not yet been renewed, although it appears that it will soon.

The audience has responded enthusiastically to Devs Season 1. So, there is a great likelihood that Devs will be renewed for a second season. Let’s learn everything there is to know about Devs Season 2.

Release Date of Devs Season 2

The series Devs scored a 7.7 out of 10 rating on IMDb. The protagonist of the Devs television series is a computer engineer. She looks into her company’s cloistered development department.

She strives to solve the mystery behind her boyfriend’s disappearance. The second season of Devs will continue the first season’s plot.

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Alex Garland wrote, produced, and directed the television series Devs. The executive producers of the television series Devs were Andrew Macdonald, Alex Garland, Allon Reich, Eli Bush, Scott Rudin, and Garrett Basch.

The television show Devs was produced by DNA TV and FXP. The television show Devs was aired on 20th Television. The Devs Season 2 cast can be found here.

Cast of Devs Season 2

  • Sonoya Mizuno as Lily Chan
  • Nick Offerman as Forest
  • Jin Ha as Jamie
  • Zach Grenier as Kenton
  • Stephen McKinley Henderson as Stewart
  • Cailee Spaeny as Lyndon
  • Karl Glusman as Sergei Pavlov
  • Alison Pill as Katie
  • Linnea Berthelsen as Jen
  • Aimee Mullins as Anya
  • Jefferson Hall as Pete
  • Janet Mock as Senator Laine
  • Georgia King as Lianne
  • Amaya Mizuno – Andre as Amaya

devs season 2 release date

Plot of Devs Season 2

Lily’s significance in the grand scheme of things is highlighted by Dev’s conclusion since she opts not to behave as Dev’s software had said she would. Instead of shooting Forest and dying from her injuries, she puts her gun into the trash. Stewart’s (Stephen McKinley Henderson) decision still causes them both to die, but Katie might be able to use the details of their demise to bring them back to life in the Devs system. Forest and his family are reunited in what Forest describes as an eternity at the end of Devs, and Lily returns to Jamie (Jin Ha). Will this story have more to it?

It is possible that the second season of Devs will never be verified to exist. Devs have been alluded to as a limited series since the project’s inception. Garland hasn’t yet made clear how the story will develop. As a result, Hulu decided against ordering a second season. Unless Garland indicates interest in keeping Devs alive, a second season is improbable. Now that Garland has said he is working on a new project to bring the group back together, Devs season 2 looks less likely.

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There are numerous intriguing directions the plot may take, even though the second season of Devs is far from definite. Lily and Forest can try out their new lifestyles inside the Devs system, allowing them the ability to exist outside the Devs system. It is feasible for Devs season 2 to be more like an anthology, where a similar story with the same characters is explored, but some changes may exist since they made different decisions in the past. This is made possible by using the many-worlds theory and introducing the multiverse.

Trailer of Devs Season 2

The Devs Season 2 trailer has not yet been released. Till then you’ll can watch the Devs Season 1 trailer.

Where to watch Devs Season 2?

You may watch Devs season 1 on Hulu, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video even though Devs season 2 isn’t yet available.


The release date of  Devs season 2 is not yet revealed. Also, the creators have not released the official trailer of the TV series as well. 

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