Darwin’s Game Season 2: Where You Can Watch Drawin’s Game?

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An anime with a survivalist theme that is currently popular is Darwin’s Game. The Darwin’s Game manga by FLIPFLOPS first appeared in Bessatsu Shounen Champion in 2012.

After announcing the series in 2018, the Nexus studio created the anime adaptation, and the first episode debuted on January 3, 2020. On March 2020, the anime’s first season was formally finished. There hasn’t been any information about Darwin’s Game’s second season since that time. Fans are therefore interested to know how the sequel is progressing.

Storyline of Darwin’s Game 

High schooler Kaname launches a mystery mobile app and unknowingly joins a game that pits individuals with extraordinary talents against one another, according to the official synopsis provided by Netflix.

Kaname Sudou, a high school student, is the main character in the story. He gets a friend request to play Darwin’s Game on his phone from a classmate. But when Kaname starts the game, a green snake materialises from his phone screen and bites his neck. He consequently loses consciousness.

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But when our hero plays the game for the first time, a terrible surprise occurs. Right before Kaname, his virtual adversary shows up to pursue him with a knife. Our hero quickly realises that Darwin’s Game is not just any game.

As there is no option to exit the game, he continues to struggle to survive. Yet, each player in the game has a “Sigil” that he can use to strike a special ability on their opponent.

darwin's game season 2

Release Date of Darwin’s Game Season 2 

Despite gaining large audiences, the Darwin’s Game sequel has not yet been formally revealed. Before 2024, the anime adaptation might be available on streaming sites. If it doesn’t, it can take longer than we anticipate. Also, according to the reports Studio Nexus decided not to give Darwin’s Game another season. Season 2’s potential future remains seriously in doubt.

darwin's game season 2

Cast and Crew of Darwin’s Game Season 2

The main characters will be back, and the series’ voice actors will reprise their parts in the follow-up.

  • Yusuke Kobayashi as Kaname Sudo
  • Reina Ueda as Shuka Karino
  • Nichika Omori as Rein Kashiwagi
  • Taku Yashiro as Ryuji Maesaka
  • Yumiri Hanamori as Sui/Sota
  • Ai Kayano as Liu Xuelan

A few members of the supporting cast will also play new roles. When season 2 is formally confirmed, the other cast members will be revealed.

Number of Episodes in Season 1 of Darwin’s Game

There are 11 episodes in the first season of Darwin’s Game. The first four episodes are summarised in a fifth “Logline” episode. Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll are the three platforms where Darwin’s Game is accessible for streaming.

darwin's game season 2

Trailer of Darwin’s Game Season 2

As previously mentioned Studio Nexus has not yet revealed about season 2 of Darwin’s Game. So. there is no official trailer for season 2 till now. You can enjoy the trailer of previous season of Darwin’s Game.


Since there is no confirmation for Darwin’s Game Season 2. Fans are advised to wait patiently for any such developments since once the news is made official, more details will become available.

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